Wednesday, December 24, 2008


At least Arizona style. We took the kids down to Tempe Market Place last night to let them see the snow. It was so cool, down in the district as we were walking up, snow was just coming from everywhere, flying all over. The kids got so excited and just ran up to the stage and started dancing around in it.

It wasn't until we joined them that we we realized what looked like snow was really just frozen bubbles! They were giant bubble blowers!  We were dancing in dish soap suds. 

It was still fun, and it got the kids excited to really see the snow. (We're finally going to take them. In all of Gwen's four years she's yet to see it!)

Dang it!!! I sat down to blog and forgot that I was toasting coconut for the top of my coconut cream pie, and now my house is full of smoke and a cookie sheet full of black coconut is on my back porch. >:[


Zac and Catherine Griffith Fam said...

So cute! I wish I would have known about that! I love the bass pro shop post. You know that when we have a son he will be holding guns out of the womb! Poor kid! You guys look great!

Riley and Brooke Nelson said...

How fun! We miss you guys! Glad you came back to the promise land! =)

Photography By Jo said...

How fun!!! I think I'm going to like Arizona snow better than Idaho snow.

Jeppesen Family said...

How fun! They had something like that at Disneyland, and Julia loved it. I can't believe they've never been in the snow! We go every winter, but then again it is to visit Nathan's family who lives in Utah, so we probably wouldn't otherwise.
How's school going for Ryan?