Monday, November 19, 2007


Our ward building (which happens to be the stake center) burned last night!  It's so weird to think that we were just there yesterday for our meetings, and today it's gone!  It's also unbelievable that it all just burned so quickly!  All that's left is exterior walls and the steeple that fell right into the building, but is still standing.  It's unknown right now if it was arson, but you can read more about it 

Friday, November 09, 2007

Desert BBQ

Last Saturday, we went out to the desert to BBQ. While it was great fun, we also had a tough time. You see, Drake doesn't walk, he doesn't crawl, he scoots. So he was all over the rocky, stickery desert floor, dragging his legs around. He got so dirty and was into everything. He loved the fire, and wanted to make me get my exercise by constantly jumping out of my chair to drag him away from the fire. So I stuck him in a chair of his own. Didn't last for long, he got out of it on his own, and has the face to prove it! Luckily he only cried for a little bit. We finally stuck the boys in the back of Eli's truck and let them use it for a play pen. This is Jack and Ethan's girlfriend Lauren. (I know-how did Ethan get a girl that hot? ;) just kidding Ethan!)
This is a before and after of Gigi holding Drake. First one, when we got there, the second after he got out of his camping chair on his own.
And here's Buster in his favorite spot, right next to the fire, in the dirt, yes, eating a rock.

Tawnya's baby bump is growing!

Gwenny and Daddy. She also had a tough time. First when I was teaching her how to squat, she didn't quite get the concept and peed on her pants. (Why on earth didn't I just take them off?) Then she touched the lantern and burned her knuckle. And I know it sounds like we just had problem after problem, but it really was a lot of fun!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally Halloween

Gwen and some of her BEST FRIENDS!
There was another Dorothy with a real Toto, but Gwen loved her kitty Toto.
Mrs. Billings and all the chaos.  She's amazing!  
The things Gwen learns surprises me everyday.
Kinlee and Drake had a fun time eating cookies.
"just stick it in my mouth!"
Gwen's preschool halloween party was so cute!  Seeing all those kids in costumes was just hilarious!  But hearing them sing....I LOVED it!!!
Jack was a Peep
Drake the "Cowardly" lion.  (gwen chose it)
Don't worry, Jack's in one of Gwen's old car seats.