Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally Halloween

Gwen and some of her BEST FRIENDS!
There was another Dorothy with a real Toto, but Gwen loved her kitty Toto.
Mrs. Billings and all the chaos.  She's amazing!  
The things Gwen learns surprises me everyday.
Kinlee and Drake had a fun time eating cookies.
"just stick it in my mouth!"
Gwen's preschool halloween party was so cute!  Seeing all those kids in costumes was just hilarious!  But hearing them sing....I LOVED it!!!
Jack was a Peep
Drake the "Cowardly" lion.  (gwen chose it)
Don't worry, Jack's in one of Gwen's old car seats.


the mavity family said...

So fun! Jake's mom made his family dinner in a pumpkin every year on halloween and everyone always got sick. I think it was her evil way of not letting them go out. Anyway, I'm not allowed to ever make it, but it looks so good! Your kids looked so cute!

Taylor Family said...

I love that first picture of Gwen!

Summer Adams said...

Oh my gosh, LOOOOOVE Dorothy's costume :) If I was a brunette I'd have been that myself just to wear these awesome red sparkly heels, hee hee. Ok, and Jack and Drake are way too cute. You can tell they're related, adorable.

jennie said...

I wish Gwen and Clementine were together. She was the wicked witch of the west!!!

Jenny & Wyatt Dannels said...

Gwen and Drake look so cute in their costumes. They are such cute kids. Looks like you had a great Halloween...i love that you made soup in a pumpkin..that is my favorite!!

Melissa said...

I could eat Gwen! She is SO beautiful! You are a cute mom tho doll them all up... And the pumpkin soup?! you are awesome!

Bingham Family said...

I need to see photos of Glinda and the scarecrow. Help where is the family photo? Gwen looked so cute and I love the lion costume.

Bowman Family said...

Looks like the last few weeks have been crazy and fun-filled. I love the look on Gwenny's face in the first pic at the park. Those four just weren't happy with us and our cameras were they? hahaha