Thursday, September 29, 2011


My Gwenny is an advertiser's dream come true!!
When a commercial is on, she has all of her attention focused on the tv.
Then when I need something, she'll tell me all about a product that can help me.
For instance, one day she came up to me with a post it that said "life loc" and had a phone number written on it. Then she proceeded to tell me all about the services that Life Lock has to offer and told me that I REALLY needed it.
Silly girl.

So I hear it all the time, from Rainbow fish to super sharp knives to hair products, she's seen a commercial, and she will tell me that I HAVE to buy it!

So the other day I caught her and Drake watching TV, and she had her little notepad on the floor with her. When the commercials would come on, she'd pick up the marker and start writing down the info.
She's learned to write down the prices too.
I like the "clickn and reed". She figured out that the word and was missing from the phrase and threw it in. And it's "for Drake" of course!

Also, she realllly wants Stompeez.
These are Stompeez:
Slippers that when you stomp, the eyes pop up.
She said she NEEDS these slippers for Christmas this year.

Oh Gwenny, you crack me up!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Have you ever come home from school, lost total control of yourself, and ate three delicious pumpkin cupcakes?
Me neither. season's here...

Ah yeah!

Ryan was quite the soccer player when he was a kid.
So it was very important to him that the kids get the opportunity to play soccer too.
Last year was their first year, and they loved it.
This year not so much.
Really? Why?

But Saturday was their first game and now they are all about soccer again. (thank goodness!)

Drake is a real wind up and kick kind of kid.
He needs to remember it's often more effective to just dribble the ball down the field and then kick it in the goal.
But even with his not-always-accurate power leg, he still scored a goal.
(not that anyone's keeping score right? At least we're not supposed to)
I love the sweat drip going down his face!
Gwen's on a bigger field this year. They have bigger goals and goalies too!
Also, it's 5 on 5 (for the younger kids it's 3 on 3).
She did great! She kept up with the other kids, and even scored TWO goals!!!
(at least that's what she said, we saw the first, and then met a fun couple that we got chatty with, and missed the alleged second. Sorry Gwenny!!!!)
I love how a lot of these pictures I took, she's running around with a smile on her face.
Taking her turn on the sidelines.
She's totally strategizing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ragnar Napa Valley

When is the best time to blog?
When you're sitting in class. So no offense Professor Larson, I promise I'm super interested in the laws governing the Colorado River System, but I haven't blogged about Napa yet.

So a couple of weeks ago, I got the call from Tara. She said that her friends were doing Ragnar Napa and needed an emergency fill in.
No question.
I bought a plane ticket and planned my trip.
Did I mention that Ryan RULES? He is so dang supportive of me. Thanks honey.

So there I was with 5 girls I just met, about to live in this car for two days.
But seriously, I LOVE Ragnar.
This picture says it all.
When your brood of girls is living in a car for 2 days, access to the car is pretty important. So what do you do when the keys to the car are locked inside? Call the fire department.
Thank you Petaluma fire fighters for rushing over to help 6 crazy girls.
Running in crazy outfits is the norm for Ragnar. I'll spare you the pictures of Underwear man running in just his tiny little skivvies, but here is a pink person who DID run in that.
This was my version of crazy outfit.
Another thing about Ragnar, you go in porta pottys.
I think Marci's face says it all.
So basically you run for 200 miles non-stop. Our van gets a break while the second van runs, but essentially you always have runners running. So that means even in the middle of the night. So this is how you run at night:
You need a reflective vest, a headlamp, and an LED light on your back.
Safety first.

And should you get the opportunity to sleep, you can sleep on the floor of a school gym for $1.
Oh, excuse me for being so rude, let me introduce my new friends:

This is Rebecca.
And poor Allie, was sooo sick. But she is a trooper! She ran 9 miles in the middle of the night, and after she finished, she puked her guts out.
This is Charity. She was like me and just joined the group without knowing us.
And Marci.
There we are, us crazy Ladies from the 80s.
And the full team.
We smelled really good at this point.

Thanks for the fun ladies!

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Ryan had a birthday.
He's older than me.
And I like it!

I realize that some may read this blog because they know me, and they don't know Ryan.
Well let me introduce you.

Ryan is one of the best drivers I know. Not because he's good with directions (cause he's not), but because he's good with the car. He can parallel park a car in the tiniest spots. He can drive backwards, fast. He also can spin a mean donut.
Ryan loves to golf. During the summer, when the golf course is empty because it's 115ยบ outside, he's on the course. Because you can golf a niiiice course for under $20. Golf is just about the only thing that he can actually wake before 6:00 am for.
Ryan knows sports. That's why I always have him as my Trivial Pursuit partner. (Also because we're both really competitive, so if we want to like each other afterwards, we have to be on the same team!) He knows just about all the answers in the sports catagory. If you see a random old sports clip on tv from the 80s or something, he knows who it is.
Ryan tooted in front of me on our first date.
Ryan went to Scotland on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So naturally he loves just about everything about Scotland, especially the people. He even taught Drake this song and dance, and now Drake realllly wants a kilt.
Ryan is a super concerned person. If I ever drop a bottle of shampoo in the shower, Ryan will come running in to make sure I'm okay.
Ryan orders meatloaf anytime it's at a restaurant.
Ryan sings and plays the guitar. It's pretty darn cute. He wrote a song for me when we were dating. He used to sing to me but now it's mostly to the kids. He'll sing to them in bed...their favorite song is Sweet Baby James.

So there you have a few fun things about Ryan.
And here he is with all his candles.
That's his favorite cake. Boston Cream Pie.
And Drakey helping daddy blow out alll those candles!