Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer movies

We've seen a few movies lately.

I'll start with Star Trek:

LOVED it! And guys, I'm no Trekie. My dad would watch it all the time when I was growing up, and as soon as I'd hear "Space the final frontier, these are the voyagers of the star trek enterprise, their mission....yadda yadda yadda" I'd get up and leave the room. But I must have been present for some of it because I was surprised at the characters I knew and familiar lines. Scotty was for sure my favorite, he was so funny. And let's be honest Chris Pine is easy on the eyes. (hey Ryan had eye candy too so I can say that)

Up next, Terminator Salvation:
This one I wanted to see because the preview looked awesome!  But I think the previews might have shown too much.  You know that Marcus isn't human and that would have been an awesome surprise!  But I found myself craving color through out it.  The movie is so dull in colors I guess to show a trashed, warring world.  It was pretty exciting and I  jumped a couple times, but I'd say wait for the dollar theater for this one.  

And finally, Up:
I took the kids to the drive in to see this last night.  Best idea ever!  We filled the car with blankets and pillows, went to QT and got huge slurpees (since it would be like 90º while we were watching it), popped our own low fat popcorn, and brought our own bags of candy.  Super cheap already huh?  Well then admission: $6.25 for adults, and kids 5 and under are FREE!  So we saw it for $6.25.  And you wouldn't have guessed it was 90º out.  We got some good breezes and it was actually pretty enjoyable.  So on to the movie!
It was super cute!  It starts out with the life of the old man, and I gotta be honest, it made me cry!  It just reminded me of my grandpa, and how hard it'd be to lose your spouse.  Don't worry that didn't spoil the movie, the adventure just starts after that.  There were a couple parts when the kids said "mom this is scary!" and cuddled into me, but they were really into it and liked it too.  So for sure this will be a movie we buy when it comes out on DVD.  Good movie, fun night!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buster Brown

Seriously, I need to tell you how rad this kid is!
He loves his BYU shirts and whenever we pull one out to put it on he starts cheering in his deepest voice "B-Y-U!"
He is in LOVE with his papa, and frequently through out the day he will say things such as:
"I wanna go sit in papa's truck"
"I wanna go fishin' with papa"
and his newest one (done in a really whiney 'it's not fair' kinda voice):
"I wanna big nose like papa"
Really?  Could you imagine?
But I just tell him, don't worry, you probably will have one too. ;)
My little boy HATES hair cuts, so we let his hair get puffy.  
I mean come on, he can rock the white-fro!  
Check out his freestyle walking.  
One of my favorite things (besides when he asks me to eat his buns) is dropping him off at the gym.  Because he stands at the gate and gives me a kiss, then watches as I walk to the door, and when I'm at the door he says quickly "kiss mommy, kiss, mwuah mwuah" and makes me turn around and go back to give him more kisses.  
Oh sweet, he loves his mommy.  
Thank goodness!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Santa Cruz!

Ryan's family has a tradition of spending Memorial Day weekend camping in Santa Cruz.  That is actually where he proposed to me 6 years ago, and he hasn't been back since!  I went again with Gwen when she was a baby but that was 4 years ago.  And over time we both forgot how cold Santa Cruz is.  (It doesn't help that we were packing for "beach camping" when it was 108 degrees here)  So I packed only one pair of pants/long sleeves for each of the kids and I.  We wore the same thing everyday!  
It was really fun this year because my mother in law picked up Tara and her two kids on the way over, and then Andrew joined us on Friday.  
We got there Wednesday and set up at our spot on top of the cliff overlooking the beach.  The view was gorgeous, but the ocean breeze was brutal!  We froze Wednesday night and when we heard there was an empty lot behind the trees we jumped on it and threw our tents on top of a truck and moved locations.  The new one was soo much warmer.  
So we spent Thursday at Capitola beach and had yummy Pizza My Heart.  It was cloudy and cold, but the sand was nice and warm.  
Friday our beach, cold again, Andrew came!
Saturday packed up, Oniel sidewalk sale, Pizza My Heart again, and then the Santa Cruz boardwalk.  And the sun was finally out!!  It was so nice!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Gwen got her first black eye.  
She actually got it while playing at the splash pad at Tempe Town park during the triathlon last week, and it's still hanging around.  
She calls it her "rainbow eye".  
Then Wednesday while playing at school she was bumped into and fell down. 
 So now she has a red bump/abrasion on her forehead.  
Poor girl.  She looks like she was in a car accident!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to my mom and my mother in law!!!
And in celebration of womanhood, Tawnya and I did an all ladies triathlon yesterday!
(the Danskin SheRox triathlon)

1/2 mile swim.
After they got us out in the middle of the lake and made us tread water for 5 minutes before we started the swim!!!
This was our wave of swimmers (20-29). I felt like I did pretty good on the swim. An open water swim is definitely a different experience than swimming in a pool-it's hard to make sure you're swimming straight! But I was still happy with my 15:58 time on the swim.

Running to my first transition

Heading out for the 13.5 mile bike ride.
This was the hardest part for me. Because of my fall in the triathlon last week, I still had injuries (hence the pink arm band to protect my road rash) and my biking confidence was gone! Not to mention the bike I was borrowing only had two working gears yesterday. Sweet. So all hills I was pushing the pedals so hard, wishing I could just down shift. So I lost some time here.

The run was harder than I thought. Maybe because I was a little dehydrated? I was too scared to grab my water bottle from my bike, so I didn't. So I had a bad cramp but still tried to run the whole thing. It was fun seeing my mom and dad and sweet little Katie at mile 2. My mom threw the boa on me. Silly huh? Gwen loved it at the finish.

.5 mile swim
13.5 mile bike
3.1 mile run

Eating oranges at the finish with my cheerleader!

Ryan said he wants to try a tri now. Go Ryan!

So we did it!!!!!
And I can't wait to do it again! But I think I might have to wait for the one next year since I'm now starting my training for the Nike Marathon in San Fran in October.
There. I said it. So now I have to do it. Ahhh!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

rad movie rad movie rad movie

I'm not kidding people.
If you didn't see it this weekend, it's worth your $62 to go see this movie.
If you need someone to see it with you, call me up.

Did you know that one year for Halloween Ryan was Wolverine and I was Storm?  It was sooo cool and we won a costume contest including a weekend at some hotel in Salt Lake and a digital camera!  Ryan had to get a Dr's note to grow a beard at BYU!!  I ordered white contacts and had the white wig, we were TL!  (too legit for those of you who forgot about the 80's)  I'll have to look for some pictures to post of that.  But ever since Ryan's been my Wolverine.  ;)

get up and "tri" again

Next week Tawnya and I are doing the SheRox triathlon in Tempe. I wanted to try a Super Sprint one before doing the one next week. So today I got up at the crack of dawn to do the Sundevil Super Sprint. It was so much fun! And I had the best cheerleaders there! Ryan was so cute running around with the kids in tow trying to get pictures.
I seriously love this picture because of Gwen in the background and how she's smiling and looking up at me like she was proud of me.  Ahhh.  

So the course was interesting.  It was laps around ASU east campus.  But a section of it was over this piece of crap road that was AWEFUL!!!  Potholes, gravel, peeling pavement etc.!!!  I wasn't expecting it, so as I was turning onto this bad section of road, a pothole sent me skidding out on my side.  All I could think of was the time advantage it was giving those behind me, so I jumped back on my bike and kept going.

I didn't realize how bad I was scraped up, but I sure felt it as I continued to ride.  The wind was killing me!  

Then the first aid guy gave me alcohol wipes to clean it up with.  After one swipe, and the BURN that accompanied it, I decided to wait until I got home so I could use my No More Owies.  Good choice on my part!


Now that it's had some time to bruise up and swell, it looks pretty bad, but I still had a good experience, and I'm excited for next week. Assuming I heal up nicely. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull a tight wet suit on and off over my road rash, but I'm still planning on killing it Saturday!