Thursday, July 31, 2008

rocky start

So here we are in Cali. Ryan left after we got the truck all packed up Friday night and then drove all night so that he could have some help unloading the truck Saturday afternoon. Thanks so much to everyone who helped him!!!! The kids and I left Saturday morning and drove all day. Talk about emotional drive! I heart AZ! Then give me a break, a 12 hour drive-just me and two kids! So that means when I have to stop for a potty break, even if the kids are asleep, I have to get them up and out and take them in with me! It doesn't sound too bad, but Drake doesn't like being in the stalls with his mom and sister and tries to take off, leaving me with my pants down and the bathroom stall open. >:/
So we made it-HORRAY then had a semi-restful Sabbath. It was good to see all the amazing members of the Granite Bay ward.
Then Monday, I started work. First day, everything is still in boxes, and they're not too organized-who knows where everything is. I'm having a hard time finding clothes for work, but finally found a white blouse that's been packed, so it needs to be ironed. I hurridly get out the iron, heat it up and start on the shirt when I see black crap (I'm allowed to use that word right now) transfer from the hot iron onto the front of my WHITE BLOUSE!!!! So I dig in the same box, find a red blouse instead, don't bother to iron it and hurry down to eat breakfast and get on my way.
So I'm enjoying a nice healthy bowl of crunchy Smart Start when something feels different. I chipped my tooth!!!!! Totally broke off a piece of my back molar! Didn't notice it until my mouth was empty, so I swallowed it - wierd. So I got to spend Tuesday morning in the hands of the amazing Dr. Judd.
So now it's Thursday, and with my schedule and commute, it feels like I work all day, so I haven't seen the Taylors or my Desi yet. However, Dez and Josiah are having us over for a BBQ tonight, and I've been looking forward to this since we got here. Yay!!!! six more hours....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Pics

Last Saturday night we thought it would be a good idea to take some family pictures before we leave AZ.  So we had an AMAZING photographer Jo Alldredge take some.  And the kids were so so so rotten it was unbelievable.  We thought it was a waste of time and that not a single picture would turn out.  We were wrong.  Everybody, Jo is amazing!!  Look at some of the ones she got.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

in labor

I was exactly two years ago! And oh boy did I welcome it!! Drake was stubborn and wanted to make me WAIT. He was 2 weeks late. That's right, in the belly for 42 weeks and for the last four weeks I thought "I'm going to have the baby TODAY!" But no, Drake wanted to wait for his cousin Jack. The boys were born on the same day, and Tara and I were blessed to have the same amazing midwife as well.
So as I clean the house tonight to be ready for a day of Drake centered fun tomorrow, it's crazy to imagine that two years ago I was relaxing in the labor tub breathing through the contractions. And my sweet little boy was so worth the wait!

I wasn't sure if Drake was human or monkey with all the body hair he had! No, I really loved it and was so sad as it rubbed off.

Drake and Jack, two days old.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I know this is news to some of you, and I'm sorry you're hearing about it by reading on our blog...We're moving to Sacramento next weekend!!! If you're shocked, join the club! I've known about this for a while now and I'm still not believing it. So we've started the daunting task of packing. This is taking such a long time because I have to go through everything to see what still fits or is still in style, and it's been adventerous to say the least. The other night I found a bag of winter clothes that I haven't seen since I lived in Utah, and somethings never change. In the pocket of this oh so stylish jean jacket, I found what used to be my favorite candy for a while. Sweetarts little chewy balls. They were so old and discolored that even though just the sight of them made my mouth water, I did not partake.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We had a wonderful Fourth!  We went up to San Francisco for the holiday since Tara and Andrew were blessing Aubrey that weekend.

It was so cute to get Drake and Jack together again!  As soon as Drake saw him, he ran up to him and gave him a huge hug and said "Jack Jack!!"

We started the day at the Taylor's ward pancake breakfast--YUMBELIEVABLE!  While I loved the food, the kids loved playing on the play ground of course!

Then we journeyed into the city for a day of sight seeing and waiting for the fireworks to start.  We walked SOOOO much and weren't thinking it would be as cold as it was.  It was 55 degrees and we ended up having to go to Gap to get Gwen some pants while we were there!
That's Drake letting us know he's done shopping.
The piers were closed off to traffic and were SOOO crowded!  There were seriously THOUSANDS of people there.  We were a bit of a group and all put our time in pushing strollers, and holding hands and kids.  But somehow in all of the meeting up after going to shops and switching around of people, we lost Gwen!  Ryan and I though she was with my dad, but as soon as my mom told us she wasn't we bolted!  We just split up and started canvasing the crowds looking for my sweet little Gwenny.  When I found her, she was holding a police officer's hand just bawling.  I ran up to grab her and of course was bawling too.  Just typing it now brings back the fear and it's hard not to get emotional.  That was seriously the scariest parenting moment I've had yet.  (It probably didn't help that a couple nights before we watched this special on Elizabeth Smart and were talking about how awful it would be to not know where your child was.  Bad thoughts came to mind instantly!)

So despite the scare of our life, we had a super fun Independence day, however we made our way to downtown and were there when it was time for the fireworks, and a low fog had settled in and we weren't able to see them,  :(
We also got to spend some good time with Aubrey and be there for the blessing, and wow is she a sweet baby!  She really hardly ever fusses and will just let you cuddle her!  And her cute thighs would make the Michellin man jealous!

I also had a great birthday!  I wasn't looking forward to it, and I knew Ryan hadn't brought any presents, so I was thinking it might be a forgotten day.  Nope.  Ryan had arranged before hand to have Tara get my gifts (my Wii finally!) and wrap them and have them there already!  We went to see Hancock, swam, and ate so much cake!  Thanks for all your work everybody to make my birthday so rad!
And since we were in the area, I had to stop by Desiree's to see her sweet new baby boy.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

She's FOUR!!

My silly little princess is four and I can't even believe it.  Time flies! We had a long day full of spoiling this little girl.  She got to have two parties, one at Bounce U with a lot of friends, then a family pool party at our house.  And as I'm typing this, she's in her room playing with her new toys even though she was put to bed an hour ago.  I can't blame her-she got some pretty cute stuff.  ;)

Gwen has been such a ray of sunshine in my life and I love her to pieces!  Happy Birthday Gwenny bum!!