Wednesday, July 16, 2008

in labor

I was exactly two years ago! And oh boy did I welcome it!! Drake was stubborn and wanted to make me WAIT. He was 2 weeks late. That's right, in the belly for 42 weeks and for the last four weeks I thought "I'm going to have the baby TODAY!" But no, Drake wanted to wait for his cousin Jack. The boys were born on the same day, and Tara and I were blessed to have the same amazing midwife as well.
So as I clean the house tonight to be ready for a day of Drake centered fun tomorrow, it's crazy to imagine that two years ago I was relaxing in the labor tub breathing through the contractions. And my sweet little boy was so worth the wait!

I wasn't sure if Drake was human or monkey with all the body hair he had! No, I really loved it and was so sad as it rubbed off.

Drake and Jack, two days old.


Chelsea said...

TOO CUTE!!! i mean, really. how fun to have twinner cousins.

Tawnya said...

Aww, they were so tiny! Happy B-day Drake and Jack!

Rushele said...

Those boys are too adorable!
And how fun that you and Tara go to have your babies together, and that they'll get to share b-days with their cousin forever!!!!
Happy Birthday boys!!

Stanford Family said...

42 weeks. Ugh! He's so cute and I love all of his hair. How fun to have a cousin born the same day as you. Good luck with the move.

Midlife Midwife said...

I know it is a day their midwife will NEVER forget...two such great mommies and two adorable boys.