Friday, July 18, 2008

Buster's birthday

Yesterday was Drake's birthday, and we made sure he had fun all day! I mean cummon, who doesn't love waking up to presents and eggs? And I give credit where credit is due. Huge props to Grammy McPhie who bought, wrapped, and shipped presents for both Gwen and Drake before she left for her European vacation so they both had them on their birthdays. Talk about thinking ahead!
In getting ready for Drake's birthday, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and listed some of the things he's into now. And he replied with enthusiasm, "BUUUUZZZZZZZ"!!! Like it was a question? Buzz is his FAVORITE right now. So I began my search for a Buzz Lightyear cake pan. Found one on eBay for about $40 with $20 shipping and two days left for bidding! Yah right. Then hopped online a couple days later and the only one I found then was just for sale from some store for $110!!! I guess Disney only made 500 and they're kind of rare now. I was bummed but still wanted to do a Buzz cake. So I found a picture online, cute the cake to match the shape of Buzz, then drew him in myself! Seriously, I'm so proud of myself! I might never need to buy a cake pan again.

Okay, enough about the cake, enjoy the slideshow!


Andrew & Tara said...

Awe, I wish we were there!!!!! Drake's b-day was awesome!! Jack's was so lame, and there was nobody to celebrate here with us (our apt. sucks!!) It's a good thing hes two and doesnt realize he only got like 3 presents (including a book...BORING)

carie said...

i am amazed at your cake skills! It is totally cool.

Chelsea said...

that cake rocks. and the water park sounds like a really good idea today. i know, how can i complain about 90 degrees when you're wilting away in 100+ temps. well i'm going to anyway! :)

Rushele said...

That cake is awesome!!! You should definitely be proud of it!
Glad the birthday was a success.
And Toy Story is one of Raegan's fave's right now too. She only wants to watch Toy Story and Toy Story 2 all the time!!!!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I saw your beautiful family pics on Jo's website! Oh my gosh Kristin, you are so gorgeous!!! I hate you. Okay not really but you are so pretty. You're family is ADORABLE!!!

Chelsea said...

hey is the midlife midwife talking about you & tara here:

which one of you had which birth?

Kristin said...

Sarah, you're too kind, thank you.

And Chelsea, yes that's us!