Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cali vacay in pictures

Cousins less Kit (and Katie who stayed in AZ)
I brought the kids and met up with the Taylors, Collards, and Gigi at Disneyland.
Ryan had to work.

Check out Gwen's eyes.

Drake LOVED the roller coasters. Even Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mtn!!
It's a good thing we did those Chinese body stretching treatments so he could be tall enough for the rides.

Ryan just couldn't take missing out on Disneyland and drove over to surprise the kids.
The next few pictures are a series of Gwen poses I think you might enjoy.

Finally a group shot on day two, after we lost Kolby and Gigi who both had to get back to work.

Here's where we got the fifth member of our family, the turkey leg.
We all enjoyed this turkey leg for a good hour and a half.
See, Gwen still has it!
Drake midway through day two. Fell asleep but still has a death grip on his Pirates of the Caribbean sword.

After Disneyland we went up to Concord and spent a couple days in the Bay area.

And I'll close with this adorable picture of Aubrey pouting.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my boy is growing!

Friday night I kissed my three year old Drakey boy good bye forever and then went back to work on this baby.
I'm so darn clever! (he turned four)
When Drake decided he wanted a Yoda cake for his birthday, I might have been a little panicked. So I decided to make a buttercream transfer, and it was so much easier than I thought. All except for when I tried rolling it up to put it on the cake! If you do a buttercream transfer, DON'T try to roll it up. I squished it, had to re-freeze it, and then was mostly successful at salvaging Yoda.
Drake often (like 4 outta 5 nights) will wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed and then get in bed with me for the rest of the night. Strangely he decided the couch the night before his birthday. So instead of breakfast in bed, he had breakfast on the couch.
He really wanted a Star Wars birthday, and we didn't even have the movies,
so this was a no brainer birthday present.
The light saber.
He now believes he's a Jedi Knight.

We took the kids to Jump and Shout, then off to see Despicable Me.
(such a cute movie!! highly recommended)
Then had the family over for cake and ice cream bar.

And this is how his night ended. Conked out on the coffee table with his toys surrounding him. Aww, my baby is four!!! Does that mean he's not a toddler anymore?

Friday, July 02, 2010

Gwenny's sixth birthday started with breakfast in bed- pink "6" pancakes!
Oh, just look at my baby girl! How is she so grown up?

Gwen had a Fancy Nancy tea party with her friends. It was darling, they all made hats and got fancy jewelry.
Present time with friends.
Drake's still happy.
Present time with family.
By now Drake's so sad that he hasn't gotten any presents yet.
Poor boy, just wait two more weeks!
She got all six candles out in one breath!
Happy Birthday sweet Gwenny!
I love you to pieces, my big six year old!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Girls Camp

I spent the last few days being a cabin mom for our ward's 3rd years up at girls camp last week. The theme was Boot Camp, and our ward was the Bomb Squad. We also were the bomb!!!!
Seriously I was so impressed with our skit. Skit themes aren't assigned until the bus ride up to camp, so in a day and a half we threw together a super duper funny skit. Nice work on that Sister Tolman!
My partner in crime, Kaylani and I. All I can say is I can hit a flee off a dog's back at 200 yards.
We also went repelling and I went COMMANDO for my first time. That means I went down face first.
You need someone to catch you at the bottom, or you're face planted into the bushes.
We're the ones who braved it commando style. The two on the right are our YCLs, Corbyn and Hannah.
And this is what happens when you're a YCL and fall asleep before the rest of the cabin. I like how Corbyn in the background has one mustache line. (she woke up while I was drawing it)
They got Kaylani and I back. What you don't see is the wet spots from the water balloons they also nailed us with.
Girls Camp was a blast! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go and get to know the great girls in our ward and also to feel the spirit.

And happy birthday to my beautiful little Gwenny!!! Today she's six! And am I the only one who cries the night before a kids birthday? They just grow so fast, and last night as I was kissing 5 year old Gwen good bye it was just too much. But here's to a great year with my SIX year old Gwenny!! But please stop growing now. I'm fine with her being six for a couple of years. :)