Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July

July is a crazy month in the McPhie home.
The kids and I have our birthdays, hence the Christmas in July feeling, and we are at the peak of swim season.

Gwen was so excited that her friend Kate came back to Arizona again this summer.  So they decided to do a duet together for synchro.  They did a cute little routine to a Taylor Swift medley and got first place at regionals!!

Then these little cuties also did a team routine to The New Girl In Town from Hairspray.  Since they couldn't have their hair all big like in Hairspray (because their hair has to be put in a bun and then covered with gelatin so it doesn't get messed up or move in the water), they went for a big hair bow.  
These girls got second place for their team routine!
(I think, I can't remember, isn't that horrible?!)
So on to the birthdays.

Gwen kicks off July with her birthday on the first.
This was a big one, our little girl turned EIGHT!!

She wanted a "Brave" birthday party, so we rounded up her girlfriends to go see Disney's Brave.  
Now you have to know Ryan to know how excited he was for this.  But let me try to explain.  McPhie.  Scottish name.  Ryan served his mission in Scotland.  Ryan LOVES Scotland!  So he was relieved that Disney finally created a Scottish princess.  
To add to the Scottish excitement, he took the afternoon off to help with Gwen's party and accompany the girls to the movie... in his kilt!!

Gwen and Drake loved it!
Some of the girls thought it was weird.  
"Why are you wearing a skirt?  Boys aren't supposed to wear skirts."  
Ryan quickly let them know it was NOT a skirt.
Seeing the movie, and the men in their kilts helped.
Look at cute little Drakey, being the ladies man.
Gwen's actual birthday was on Sunday.  A FAST Sunday!  And cute little Gwenny was all about fasting since she was now eight.  So we had her birthday cake that night at Gigi and Papa's.
Part of turning eight in the LDS church is reaching the age of accountability.  That is the age when children can be baptized if they choose.  Gwen definitely wanted to be baptized and counted down the days.  

Look how sweet they are.
The baptism was beautiful and afterwards our Bishop asked me to bear my testimony.  Umm, okay.  Maybe he doesn't remember I can hardly do so without bawling.  You see I'm very emotional when talking about my gratitude for my Savior.  Couple that with my admiration for Gwen and the good choices she's made and being surround by so many loved friends and family members.  I was an emotional mess.
I hope Gwen knows how proud I am of her!

Next was my birthday.  It was pretty kick back, but just how I wanted it to be.
I got to hang out with my kids during the day, go on a date with Ryan that afternoon, and hang out with my family that night.  
Then later go out with my girlfriends who spoiled me and took me to Jesterz for a hilarious night!
It totally looks like I have a bald spot in this shot!

Next up was Drakey boy's birthday.
He was asking me how many days and hours till his birthday ever since Gwen had her birthday party.  So it was his turn to have a bunch of boys over and play with light sabers, water balloons, water squirters, beat a pinata and eat junk food.  
 He had a good time.
 Apparently I didn't get a picture of Drake's birthday cake, but it was cute, you'll just have to trust me.  It was a Lego cake, with a red, yellow and blue lego.  And it was super yummy.  Again, you'll just have to take my word for it.  ;)
Here he is getting his 6 pancake.
He was so tired!

And so we survived most of our family's birthdays, swim is over and summer is winding down.
School is just around the corner, but until then, I will squeeze every bit of fun out of what is left of the summer!