Saturday, September 29, 2007

kissing really is pretty gross

The other night, I had Drake laying on me, and he started kissing me. First on the lips, sweet little baby kisses. It was so cute, I would giggle between kisses and so he would laugh too. The laughing continued, and his kisses became more open mouth and much more slobbery. He also was crawling all over me, rubbing his open mouth all over my face and neck. So more than just cute now, it was really tickleing so I was laughing pretty hard. And Drake just kept on kissing me, open mouth, slobbery, laughing kisses. Now we were laying on the couch, and I could see Gwen out of the corner of my eye just standing there watching us. I'm sure she was a little jealous to see her mom and her little brother having so much fun, but also confused to see me laughing so hard despite being covered in slobber. So I'm assuming she was just wanting to join the fun when she walked up to us and spit right on my face!

My silly girl is too cute! Here she is in her new "kitty" shoes. Just ignore the mess that is my refrigerator.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Samaritan

The other night I had promised Gwen a ride on my bike, and I had a Young Womens Presidency meeting to go to. So I figured I'd load up the kids in my bike trailer and ride them the 3/4 mile to the lady's house where the meeting was. I had to move my car out of the garage first to get the bike out, got it out, loaded up the kid's and took the scenic route to Stacey's. The kids loved it, and it was such a gorgeous night for a bike ride. Went there and came home and of course the kids were alseep so I put them to bed. The next morning I went to go to the gym and my keys were MISSING! Oh mylanta! They were in my pocket after I moved the car and then we went for the bike ride. So they must have fallen out of my pocket while I was riding my bike. Sadly I used my spare set and retraced my path and didn't find my keys anywhere. Well that's such a scary feeling - knowing that keys to your car/house are missing out there somewhere. But today, when I went to the gym, the lady at the front told me that someone had turned in my keys! I now have two sets of keys again!!!! A million thanks to whoever turned in my keys!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Palm Springs

I need to give a HUGE thank you to my sweet husband Ryan who let me escape to Palm Springs for the weekend with my BYU girlfriends! We had so much fun acting like we were living in Provo again.

We did karaoke almost everynight. And we proved that you don't have to be drunk to be crowd drawing karaoke masters! All I have to say is we tore up "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Goodbye Earl"!

This is us reenacting Sonny and Cher's nuptials that took place on these very stairs!!! This is in the hotel we were staying in. We had a two room suite and pulled all the beds into one room and put them side by side to make one huge bed just like in college! ;) Needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep.

One night Haya's mom (who is unfortunately not pictured) was so sweet to take us ladies out to dinner at an amazing restaraunt! We ate outside at a concrete table that had a FIRE burning in the middle of the table! We may have put some items in the fire just to make sure it was really a fire. And it was. Colette it was so nice having dinner with you and Esther. Thank you thank you!

And of course we brought the clubs for some Palm Spring golfing. Our husbands were so proud! We had so much fun getting away for some girly r and r, but I was so glad to come home to see my beautiful babies! Here you go, now you can see them too!

And when I got home, my amazing husband had the house totally cleaned! And I know I left it in shambles. Thanks Ryan, you're the best!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

mall time

Today Gigi wanted to take Gwen to Build A Bear
to have Gwen build a bear. (duh right?) Gwen chose out this
little orange kitty that she was instantly in love with.

She even got to choose out a cute little outfit for the kitty

including ballerina slippers, hello kitty panties and a hello kitty purse.

Then, she needed to choose a name.

Mom and I were spitting out all sorts of names for the cat.

I really wanted Tabitha so she could be Tabby cat, but Gwen

choose Carrot Juice! She was so cute and love carrying her around

the mall in her cardboard house. Then in Nordstrom, the kids had a

blast playing with the silly mirror.

Drake especially loved. In other Drake news. He crawled last Sunday! He is still not what I would call a "cronic crawler" but he does get the hand knee coordination thingy going when it suits him. (when he needs to go through a narrow space) And then totally random question, when are you allowed to leave kids alone in the bath tub? I know we're not there yet with Gwen, but I could be so much more productive....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

baby shower time

My super cute sister in law, Jessylee, is due any day now. Today my mom, sisters and I threw her a shower. We had such yummy food: stuffed strawberries, pasta salad, sweet and sour meatballs, caramel creamcheese brownies, etc. So anyway it was so much fun to get a bunch of girls together to celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Katie Curleyhair.
Also, my sister Tawnya whose house it was at, is pregnant! So they are going to need a bigger place so I am finally using my real estate license and am selling their house for them! Crazy.

p.s. i love this band, and am so happy this song was available!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gwen's first day of PRESCHOOL!!

The big day has finally arrived. Today I sent Gwen off to her first day of preschool. Now I've been looking forward to this day for some time now. Twice a week I will have two hours just to Drake and I to do projects, clean, run errands with just one kid in the cart, and play with my baby. I've been so excited. But for some reason last night before bed, I was so sad. I couldn't believe that

Gwen was starting her schooling today and that every school year for the next 20 years, she's going to be leaving the house to head out into the world. Now that is something I haven't been ready for.Not that I have much to worry about this year. She has an AMAZING preschool teacher with the same values (she's also LDS) and she's in school with at least two other kids from our ward. But still.

She's on her own twice a week.
Anyway, she had so much fun today, she "showed and telled" her class her good witch, held the flag for the Pledge of Allegience, and she got a stamp because her light stayed green. Good job Gwenny, I love you!

Labor Day

For Labor Day, we took a vacation...a vacation from our PROBLEMS! (For those who don't recognize that, go watch What About Bob, I promise you won't regret it!) I'm serious, go watch it NOW. We had swimming and BBQing. Oh so much fun. It was a nice 109, we enjoyed it but Ryan's mom who was visiting from Sacramento almost had heat stroke. We kept her inside on a constant watermelon feed.