Saturday, September 15, 2007

mall time

Today Gigi wanted to take Gwen to Build A Bear
to have Gwen build a bear. (duh right?) Gwen chose out this
little orange kitty that she was instantly in love with.

She even got to choose out a cute little outfit for the kitty

including ballerina slippers, hello kitty panties and a hello kitty purse.

Then, she needed to choose a name.

Mom and I were spitting out all sorts of names for the cat.

I really wanted Tabitha so she could be Tabby cat, but Gwen

choose Carrot Juice! She was so cute and love carrying her around

the mall in her cardboard house. Then in Nordstrom, the kids had a

blast playing with the silly mirror.

Drake especially loved. In other Drake news. He crawled last Sunday! He is still not what I would call a "cronic crawler" but he does get the hand knee coordination thingy going when it suits him. (when he needs to go through a narrow space) And then totally random question, when are you allowed to leave kids alone in the bath tub? I know we're not there yet with Gwen, but I could be so much more productive....


emily said...

Super cute. Carrot Juice is a great name!

If I need to leave my kids in the bath I have them sing. As long as I can hear them I know their ok.

Layton Clan said...

You are so cute Kristen, and ths kids, forget about it. They are so adorable. I love that Drake is so animated in the mirror. What fun to have a little boy!

Summer Adams said...

Wow, how fun! I love Gwen's hair do, so cute. And I think that mirror is so funny, I've got to take Brooklyn there, she'd love it too.

the mavity family said...

fun! i could never have come up with such a perfect name! sarah got a cat from there and named her purrrty. kids are so funny!

jennie said...

Cute pics! I've wondered the same thing about the bath. I'm sure Clementine will be at least 8 before I ever leave her in the tub guilt free! I'm so paranoid! I've just heard of one too many sad, sad, accidents. Let me know if anyone has good advice for you about the right age.

Jeppesen Family said...

Gwen is so cute. There's this really cute girl on Disney channel that reminds me of her. I wish I knew her name so I could tell you.