Sunday, October 15, 2006


Here we are in front of the famous Mickey in Disneyland. He's dressed up for Halloween. Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween, it was so cute!
Gwen loved the Dumbo ride! She was a little scared at first, but it was something she asked to do everyday. Too bad the line for this one was always long, so we only rode it the first day. I guess we went during fall break for the Arizona schools and then midweek the Utah schools got out, so Disneyland was pretty full.
Daddy, Gwen, Jasmyn and Aladdin.
This was the moment we had been waiting for since we booked out Disneyland trip! Gwen meeting Cinderella. We had to wait in line for almost an hour and a half to get to meet the princesses, and when we got there, Gwen was so excited. She'd get close to the pincesses and then get shy and back off. But she was sure to ask Cinderell if she could see her glass slippers.
Mommy and the kids riding the tea cups.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Drake's Blessing

Here's Drake in his blessing suit. He looks like a minature ordinance worker. We ordered the suit and when we got it two weeks ago, he had a lot more room in it than he has now. He's growing so fast!

We blessed Drake today. And it was so special. Drake was a good boy and was smiling up at Daddy the whole time! And because we are all going to Disney Land tomorrow, Molly and Darren were able to come down for it with their two girls, Claire and Laurel. And mom was able to be here too. It's always fun to get all the family together.
After the family picture, Gwen had to stand on this rock and have her picture taken too. Who could resist?

Camping Time!

For Papa's birthday, we had a surprise party for the cabin! It was so much fun, we all came up early, and waited with the lights off. He thought him and mom were going to go fishing by themselves this weekend, but nope! We were there to surprise him, and boy was he surprised! He taught Gwen how to fish, and she loved it! She just kept dropping her line and then reeling it back up. On the way home, we stopped by Saguaro Lake and drove down the Apache trail to enjoy what a beautiful state we live in. We had so much time and came home smelling like campfire. :)