Sunday, October 08, 2006

Drake's Blessing

Here's Drake in his blessing suit. He looks like a minature ordinance worker. We ordered the suit and when we got it two weeks ago, he had a lot more room in it than he has now. He's growing so fast!

We blessed Drake today. And it was so special. Drake was a good boy and was smiling up at Daddy the whole time! And because we are all going to Disney Land tomorrow, Molly and Darren were able to come down for it with their two girls, Claire and Laurel. And mom was able to be here too. It's always fun to get all the family together.
After the family picture, Gwen had to stand on this rock and have her picture taken too. Who could resist?

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Anonymous said...

Kristin, that is just precious! He does look like a little ordinance worker :) What a crack up. So fun to see everyone together. What a neat day for you guys!!! And I love that last pic of Gwen. Hope you have fun at Disneyland!