Sunday, March 21, 2010

not for the squeemish

Behold my toe in it's nail-less glory!
(and PLEASE don't judge my way over due for a pedicure toes)
A couple days after Ragnar, I noticed my toe looked funny. Turns out there was a blister...UNDER my toe nail! Who ever heard of a blister under a toe nail?! I poked it with a pin and pushed on my nail, and got all the fun stuff out. (I have a sick love of squeezin' the juice out of blisters) Thought I could lose the toe nail, but just got over it. Three weeks later. I notice my nail is lifting. It trimmed right off, along with the skin! So gross I know!! And this is the second time I've lost this toe nail in the last year. Hopefully my new running shoes will help. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

move over Auntie Anne!

Last night, the kids and I made these copy cat Auntie Anne's pretzels. They were so yummy, but I'd say more Wetzel's than Auntie Annes. The recipe yeilded 12 pretzels, and I ate 7!!!!! I know. I have no self control. But in my defense, that was my form of carb loading last night.

Because today I tried out my new Newton Running shoes! Verdict: A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!
They are made for fore foot running, which is supposedly natural form. It is less stress on your bones, joints and muscles. Something I OBVIOUSLY need since my crappy osteoporotic bones hate running and I love it. (stress fracture count is up to 3!!) You're supposed to ease into running with them. Start with only a mile or two since your form is way different and you'll get really sore. Well today I threw my old shoes in my Camelback and set out on my run anticipating changing shoes after a mile or two. Well after two I still felt great so I kept going. After nine I started to feel the tightness in my calves, so I stopped and changed my shoes. I didn't even go a quarter mile before I changed back into the Newtons. They felt so good I couldn't even go back to my former running shoes! So I'm a convert. (Nice how neither the sports medicine Dr. or the podiatrist I've been to because of my running problems, suggested I try these shoes and running style. Jerks.)
4 weeks til the SLC marathon. Hope I'm ready!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Let me save you $20. Don't go see the new Alice in Wonderland. It stinks. The kids got bored and lost interest, but they were still scared of some really scary/creepy parts. So not a good one for the babes...and the adults. Ryan and I both gave it two thumbs down.


We got our copy of Princess and the Frog today with our $10 off coupon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

certifiably insane!

I've had a bit of a secret over the last couple months.
I've been applying to law school!
And Wednesday we found out I'm in!!

It's going to be crazy!! My first semester will be Ryan's last, so we can say hi and pass notes at school. Cute. But juggling the house work will be difficult. Seriously, every Monday I do laundry and go grocery shopping and that takes me just about all day. Then I try to clean house on Tuesday. What am I going to do without those days? I'd like a cleaning service, but that costs moola. Poopy. Then there's also the kids. Hopefully I can get my classes so that they're all during the day and I'll still be able to drop Gwen off at school, and be done in time to pick her up. Also I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to get Drake into the preschool on ASU's campus so I could bring him with me. Wow. There's a lot! But I can do it!!! I think

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Like a little boy making a bolt for freedom? I love that the way our house and street are angled, with these huge windows in the corner, that I can always see Drake taking off. When the kids ask to go to their friend's house, I can watch them walk all the way there! Or like I said if I hear the front door slam I can see Drake making his dash.
Ryan thinks Drake will be our meal ticket someday. Keep up the good work Drakey boy. (oh and of course this independent boy picked out his own outfit!)

Monday, March 01, 2010

ragnar 2010

This past weekend, some amazing girls and I were able to kill it at Ragnar. It's basically a 200 mile relay from Prescott to Tempe. 12 girls, two cars, two days, no sleep (at least for some of us!).
We were called the Hot Cops because we had a cop on our team, and us Arrested Development lovers thought it was a perfect fit.
And I can assure you by the end of the race, our van of girls were on the ragnasty side of the meter. The other girls, well they snuck away for a shower!
Here we are at the start. Good thing we showed up early! We thought we were supposed to start at 7:40, but were supposed to start at 7:00.

And here's Destinee shooting out of the start at 7:20. (we had to start fashionably late)

Me on my first leg. This was my sweet eBay cop outfit.

Kaylani and I ran into some girls from our running club, the Cheetah Girls. They're so stinkin' cute!

I believe if I took votes, this was my best outfit. Something about underwear lines, granny panties, and hot pink legs that really works for me.
This is Destinee (our team captain) busting us girls up. So typical!

The Tahoe was tight quarters for us gals in the back. Lucky we love each other, and lucky I changed my outfit after every run... right girls?!

Nothing like watching the sunrise with your girl friends for the second morning in a row!

My last leg was running from Fountain Hills up the Beeline to Gilbert Road. This was the only leg of the whole relay where you couldn't have your team offer support (water, skittles, gum) to you during your leg. It turned out to be harder than I thought! I'm a big drink and runner. ;) They did have a water table half way, but I drink every two miles and this leg was 8.5 miles! Plus it was actually pretty warm, so I had drunk all the water from my water belt by about 6 miles! So at 7.5 miles I was ecstatic to see my sweet Gwenny, hot hubby, and my mom and dad cheering me on! It gave me the extra umphh to finish that last mile.
We're done!!! Us girls stuck through it together, and together shared many VICTORIES!!!! Right ladies! (ya, that was an inside joke)

These giant handcuffs never made it onto the car where they were supposed to go.

Drake REFUSED to look at the camera. My family is so awesome!! I couldn't ask for a more supportive group. Love you guys!!!

And here we are. The HOT COPS. Girls, it was amazing. We're dunzo until next year!!