Saturday, March 20, 2010

move over Auntie Anne!

Last night, the kids and I made these copy cat Auntie Anne's pretzels. They were so yummy, but I'd say more Wetzel's than Auntie Annes. The recipe yeilded 12 pretzels, and I ate 7!!!!! I know. I have no self control. But in my defense, that was my form of carb loading last night.

Because today I tried out my new Newton Running shoes! Verdict: A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!
They are made for fore foot running, which is supposedly natural form. It is less stress on your bones, joints and muscles. Something I OBVIOUSLY need since my crappy osteoporotic bones hate running and I love it. (stress fracture count is up to 3!!) You're supposed to ease into running with them. Start with only a mile or two since your form is way different and you'll get really sore. Well today I threw my old shoes in my Camelback and set out on my run anticipating changing shoes after a mile or two. Well after two I still felt great so I kept going. After nine I started to feel the tightness in my calves, so I stopped and changed my shoes. I didn't even go a quarter mile before I changed back into the Newtons. They felt so good I couldn't even go back to my former running shoes! So I'm a convert. (Nice how neither the sports medicine Dr. or the podiatrist I've been to because of my running problems, suggested I try these shoes and running style. Jerks.)
4 weeks til the SLC marathon. Hope I'm ready!


Emily said...

I'm drooling over your pretzels and almost drooling over those shoe. Yes! :)

Morgan said...

those pretzels look divine. i want to know more about those shoes. do you think they would help me with my runner's knee and IT band problems i have been having??

Kristin said...

Morgan, they might! Check out all the videos on their website, they give a lot of information!

Mark & Stephanie Humpherys said...

Oh my goodness those pretzels look sooo YUMMY!!!! I so saved the recipe to try...and by the way I admire that you like to run and wish I You rock girl!!