Sunday, March 21, 2010

not for the squeemish

Behold my toe in it's nail-less glory!
(and PLEASE don't judge my way over due for a pedicure toes)
A couple days after Ragnar, I noticed my toe looked funny. Turns out there was a blister...UNDER my toe nail! Who ever heard of a blister under a toe nail?! I poked it with a pin and pushed on my nail, and got all the fun stuff out. (I have a sick love of squeezin' the juice out of blisters) Thought I could lose the toe nail, but just got over it. Three weeks later. I notice my nail is lifting. It trimmed right off, along with the skin! So gross I know!! And this is the second time I've lost this toe nail in the last year. Hopefully my new running shoes will help. :)


Rachelle Underwood said...

Excuse me while I vommit....I couldn't stop reading about what happen to your toe...GROSSSSSSSSS

Desi said...

hopefully it grow back again! For a minute I thought you pedicured the skin, but then I realized it was just raw skin. Oh, and don't think people wouldn't come in to my beauty school and ask for me to polish their nail-less toes. They would.

Taylors said...

lol, gross

Bingham Family said...

funny. I lost that same toenail two times in preparation and in running my half... good luck at the marathon in SLC!