Thursday, April 01, 2010

April's fool

Our morning started with Ryan getting the kids out of bed by telling them to come look because it was snowing outside! They were so excited and ran out to the front room to see. When they saw it wasn't, Gwen stormed back to her room and climbed back into bed.
But she cheered right up when I asked her if she wanted to play an April fools joke on her teachers.
We got an empty container and frosted it.
Then sprinkled it so it'd look like a cake. She was so cute giving it to Miss Nicki, and all the teachers thought it was a real cake! Joke's on them!
This is how Drake entertained himself today while I painted his room.
And we ended the day with eating a "snake" for desert. Here's the kids cutting up our peanut butter candy snake. They loved today. I can't tell you how many times I heard things like "Mommy!! There's a huge scorpion on your back!!", or "Mommy!! There's a mouse in your hair!!", or "Mommy, there's a cockroach on your back!!" It never got old. And of course the kids were busting up the whole time they were telling me. I'd play along and it'd just make them laugh harder. They love April Fools day.


Emily said...

Your kids are awesome! That picture of Drake in a bag is hilarious! I love the "cake" too. Sad thing is it really did snow here yesterday.

CBass said...

that's my girl...let the boy play in a plastic was see knew what was going on the whole time...haha! Ok enough...I'm so stunned that you are going to law school. good for you for figuring out that you wanted to! You are a brave momma and I know you will kick butt because that's how you role!