Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 more days!

Do you ever do a stupid thing even though you know it's stupid? I do all the time, but this time it's really stupid and super premeditated.
The SLC marathon is Saturday. This will be my first full since for the Nike Women's last year I was derailed with a stress fracture on my left tibia. So instead of the full I down stepped it to the half. Afterwards I was really upset I just didn't do the full anyway. So I signed up to do the Salt Lake marathon. Two weeks ago my toe started bothering me. I figured it was just a sprained toe since I did that before, went to the podiatrist and got a cortisone shot and was fine days later. So I made an appointment and went in for it again. Turns out it's not a sprain but my second metatarsal has a stress fracture and I have to wear this!
I've been running on it just fine though, so I'm still planning on doing the marathon this weekend. I've come this far, it's just a week away and I want to just get it done already! Afterwards I'll rest up really good (at least until the SheRox tri) and go back to the Dr. to get my bone density tested. Because seriously, what's up with the stress fractures!?!?

Also, Tara's been in town for the last week so expect a big picture post soon!


Cec said...

I am just waiting to see a post of you in a full body cast one of these days Kristin!
That might be the only thing that actually gets you to "rest up" for reals.

Kaylani said...

it's're crazy. i love it!

Molly Wright said...

That is horrible! Can you get another shot? I hope it feels okay for Saturday. I'll look for you at the start line!