Monday, April 19, 2010

Taylor time

As I mentioned earlier, Tara came down with the chitlins for Easter and Aubrey's birthday. Andy was going to come too, but after their trip to Colorado, he figured he better not miss any more work. So sorry Andy, you missed out on a lot of fun!

Like the train park:

And Easter:
We made the girls little Easter skirts and the boys yellow bow ties.
Also, we had a big egg hunt at the park behind our house. When we hid the eggs the park was deserted. While we were waiting for mom et al. to arrive some punk kids came and collected all the filled eggs (and just smashed up the real eggs) so I ran after them and demanded them back and then we re-hid what was left. (which was about half) Stinky. :( But we still had a good hunt!

Then we went up to Aunt Kay's cabin:
Nature walks. The babies were tired.
The boys hugged it out.
And the kids were so excited to see snow!

Easter shirt tradition.

And sidenote- if you ever use fabric crayons to make a shirt,
if you wash the shirt, the crayon comes off.


Jasmyn said...

love the pics...but what I am really waiting for is a post on how the marathon went!!!!!

Taylors said...

good work kristin. and thanks for putting up with us at your house for a week!