Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting ready for Halloween

That's right, we ate Jack O'Lantern stew out of a Jack O'Lantern! The kids loved it. I did too.

We had a pumpking carvin' family home evening. Gwen loved singing her "5 little pumpkins" song and dancing around telling us about the pumkin her teacher carved at school.

This is the pumpkin I did. It was so much fun taking the drill to it. And I thought it was way cute glowing!

Baby Katie is so sweet! She's a month and a half old, but I swear she's still 6 pounds!
Tara did this sweet trick or treating monster.

Ryan decided to carve his pumpkin with me, and my other love, Edward. (He's a vampire and about to bite my neck!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My friend Brooke and her sister have a photography company and a couple weeks ago, they took our family pictures. They turned out pretty cute.

Friday, October 19, 2007

uh oh

I had a full house today. I was watching my friend Jodi's little girl, Kinlee. I also had my sister and her little boy, Jack over. While Tara and I were down stairs doing our nails, we realized the kids, who were upstairs were being rather quiet. She went up to check and quickly called for me, and this is what we found.

Maybe I should keep the COSTCO box of tampons locked up from now on.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This morning, I was concentrating so hard on scrubbing a pan, had my back to whatever was behind me, completely vulnerable. Next thing I know, my head gets yanked back as Gwen takes a running jump, grabbing my ponytail as if she's on a rope swing and says "mommy, I can reach your hair!!!!!" Luckily she really couldn't get a good grip so it didn't hurt, so I couldn't help but laugh.
Also, check out her cute feet! It says that she'll follow in Jesus' footsteps because He's her example. Cute.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Like mother like daughter, I guess...

My little Gwenny bum loves candy! For the past couple weeks, every now and then, I see her eating candy and I'll ask her where she got it, and she'll say "I don't know". When her friends come over, they'll come to me with just one laughy taffy each (so as not to raise my suspicions to high) and ask me to open the candy for the girls. I'll ask again where she got the candy and she'll say, "I don't know". Unexplained, Gwen will be playing with a blue mouth, or I'll find candy wrappers in Gwen's favorite hiding spot (behind our leather chair in the family room). Where could she be getting all this candy? In my closet, I have a shelf that is mostly hidden with the shirts that are hanging above it. That is where I have my excess candy stash. You know the left over candy from Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. ONE TIME, I found that Gwen had brought a chair into my closet found the candy and had gotten it down. I quickly said that that wasn't for her and moved it up higher, where she COULDN'T get to it. But that was so long ago. And I saw that she only had a couple pieces in her hands when I caught her. Well one day, Ryan was going to were an outfit that required the wear of shoes that he hadn't worn in a while. When he went to put his foot in it, he couldn't because it was stuffed full of candy! So was the other, along with his soccer shoes and one other pair of shoes that he doesn't wear often! So my smart little girl must have thought ahead and when she had that candy down, loaded up and hid the candy in a place I wouldn't even think to look. Then carefully ate it very slowly so she wouldn't ever be caught with a bunch of candy on hand! I couldn't believe it. We had a pretty good laugh at our crafty little girl.
Here's my little squishiness who has become hat obsessed. Now of course I'm embarassed that you're seeing my dirty mirror, but it was too cute to pass up. He scoots around with this hat barely even letting him see, and if Gwen tries to take it off, he gets so upset.