Monday, February 21, 2011


The retro run. I let myself down with my efforts to put together an 80's outfit. I meant to hit up the thrift stores Friday night, but I got to watch cute little Mason, and I'm no longer brave enough to go shopping with a newborn.
It wasn't my best 5k, but luckily it wasn't other females 20-29 either, so I ended up with second place. Ryan did well, and blew my time away. Unfortunately for him, the male folk 30-39 ran like the wind, so he didn't podium, but he did place 4th in his age group! Good job Ryan.

Also this weekend, my sister in law Molly, had baby number 5! Lewis Michael Jorgensen. He was 8 pounds 10 ounces, that was Drake's weight at birth. Also, my sister in law, Emily, found out she's having a boy! This is particularily exciting since they have three girls and Gavin's out numbered. All this has had me thinking how much I love having a little boy.
Here's my little monkey man, just a couple days old. He's such a little snuggler. And I figured out the difference between a son and a daughter, Gwen loves me, but Drake's IN LOVE with me. Aww, I love my babies.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm so retro

I've aged myself. Yesterday I was talking to a friend at school about how I'd do my reading while watching "Must See TV". As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized I hadn't heard it called that in a long time. I remember being in highschool and every Thursday night we'd go to Jasmyn's house for must see tv. You know, Friends, Seinfeld, Will and Grace, all those good shows. I could tell that he hadn't heard of NBC's Thursday night shows called Must See TV. Wow, didn't realize things have changed so much.

Also, tomorrow Ryan and I are doing the Retro Run, where you're supposed to dress retro. Okay, does that mean 'fros, bell bottoms, tie dye and peace signs?? No! They specified 80s! The 80's are retro now!

I have to face it, I'm getting old. The other day I heard a friend had to explain to her daughter what camera film is. Weird.

While I'm on a tangent, I'll take this time to inform those who might not know, when you say "et cetera" (etc.) the T is before the C! I'm currently in a training and the trainer keeps saying "excetera", and it's not giving her much credibility. Okay, now I'm going to start paying attention to her.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lovers day

Well, I checked my phone, and unfortunately I only got two pictures from Valentine's Day. But they're good ones!
Here I was so excited to see this young man exiting the light rail on his way to school. He made my day even better (and mind you I woke up to my Valentine giving me a watch and perfume!!). This gentleman is probably about 6'3", but maybe you wouldn't have guessed by his 18" legs!! I mean his femur is almost non existent! His bum sits on top of his knees. Oh, wait, maybe his pants are just falling down? Anyhow, this made me happy.
Next up: Valentine pizza for my Valentines. Drake especially. He will poo poo just about everything I make, except for pizza and cookies. This was so yummy. If you can, never make pizza unless you use fresh mozzarella. It makes such a difference!
Okay, now back to school work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

metal mouths

My friend Alison reminded me I totally forgot to blog about my poor babies dental trip. Last week they went in for a dental exam after Gwen chipped her tooth and we could see she had a huge (pronounced UGE, mind you) cavity. Nice. So they go in for a check up. Gwen has the one big cavity and will need a silver cap, and Drake has SIX freakin' cavities!!! So they scheduled an apt, for an early appointment so we could bring them in with empty tummies ready to be drugged.

Here's my boy, in lala land, watching Sponge Bob in the ceiling, getting ready to be drilled.
So two of Drakes teeth the dentist decided would need silver caps too. So he now has two "Iron Man" teeth. Much to Ryan's dismay. But really, how did it get this bad!?? We make sure they brush!! Although I concede that I should be more on Drake's sneaking food and candy into his room, because naturally if I know he sneaks it in there, he'll eat it at night after his teeth are brushed.
Oh man, was this girl funny! She was falling out of her chair, and talking and singing to herself. She even threw in some "mommmmmmmyyyyyyy, my face feeeeeeeelss funnnnnny!" Just look at her stoned out of her mind!
We had to get some Jamba Juice for these little ones since they weren't allowed to eat real food. After all, with how numb they were, they'd have chewed their cheeks to pieces.
Look at my Gwenny, passed out in front of the heater. These kids were loopy for hours. And the kids now have better brushing habits. (Like Drake brushes his teeth for longer than 5 seconds, and they HAVE to do a fluoride rinse after brushing)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekends rule

And it's not even over yet!!
I have some awesome friends! And we (and our husbands) all went out last night for a fancy schmancy Valentine's Day dinner at The Capital Grille. Too bad we didn't get a group picture. Why didn't we ladies?!?
Then this morning, I skipped my long run for Drake's first soccer game. Seriously, I'm so selfish!! It was so hard for me to give up running Ethan's Run with my friends to go to Drake's very first ever soccer game. Poor boy. Your mom will work on being a better mommy I promise. But it was cute, and Drake was such a good little player. His team was 4 year olds who have never played soccer before, going up against 5 year old pros. (okay maybe they weren't pros, but even though these games aren't supposed to keep score, and just have fun, after every goal they'd get, they'd yell out the score that they're keeping in there head anyway, and do jumping chest bumps!! I'll bet half of the kids on our team couldn't even count to 12) I think the last score I heard these boys yell out was 17 to 0. But Drake was a cute little soccer boy, and even Gwen is interested in playing now.

Then we came home and I yelled at the kids until they helped me clean the house.

Then I took them to cash in the cans they have been collecting for months. These kids have been so funny! A while a go, the kids were wanting to earn some money. I told them they should start collecting cans. They'd walk around looking for cans to bring home. They'd dig them out of garbage cans at the park, and even yell out for me to stop the car in the middle of the road if they saw a can in the gutter. Well, the GIGANTIC, black, plastic lawn bag that's been bulging with cans in my laundry room for months, was finally ready to go.
(feel free to click on the picture to see what Gwen's necklace says!)
(cute huh? she made it)
We went down to the local sketchy recycle place, and those babies made $9! They were ecstatic, and their desire to grab the random dirty half full beer can out of some stranger's yard has only been reinforced.

And now off to make more treats for the Vday.
Hope your Valentine's Day is full of hearts and pinkness.
Ours certainly will be.