Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm so retro

I've aged myself. Yesterday I was talking to a friend at school about how I'd do my reading while watching "Must See TV". As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized I hadn't heard it called that in a long time. I remember being in highschool and every Thursday night we'd go to Jasmyn's house for must see tv. You know, Friends, Seinfeld, Will and Grace, all those good shows. I could tell that he hadn't heard of NBC's Thursday night shows called Must See TV. Wow, didn't realize things have changed so much.

Also, tomorrow Ryan and I are doing the Retro Run, where you're supposed to dress retro. Okay, does that mean 'fros, bell bottoms, tie dye and peace signs?? No! They specified 80s! The 80's are retro now!

I have to face it, I'm getting old. The other day I heard a friend had to explain to her daughter what camera film is. Weird.

While I'm on a tangent, I'll take this time to inform those who might not know, when you say "et cetera" (etc.) the T is before the C! I'm currently in a training and the trainer keeps saying "excetera", and it's not giving her much credibility. Okay, now I'm going to start paying attention to her.


Jasmyn said...

Why does it not seem so long ago that we were watching Friends together on my parent's couch (followed by a dip in the spa, of course!)??? Oh how I miss those days, and hard to believe it was over 10 years ago...stupid 30 decade, I miss the 20's!

-Me&Bri- said...

baaahaha "excetera", I have never thought of that before. I think everyone I know says it the wrong way!! You have opened my eyes. haha

Cec said...

Ha. I totally didn't realize that 80's was retro! What the...When did that happen?Ys, Kristin I officially feel old now too.