Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lovers day

Well, I checked my phone, and unfortunately I only got two pictures from Valentine's Day. But they're good ones!
Here I was so excited to see this young man exiting the light rail on his way to school. He made my day even better (and mind you I woke up to my Valentine giving me a watch and perfume!!). This gentleman is probably about 6'3", but maybe you wouldn't have guessed by his 18" legs!! I mean his femur is almost non existent! His bum sits on top of his knees. Oh, wait, maybe his pants are just falling down? Anyhow, this made me happy.
Next up: Valentine pizza for my Valentines. Drake especially. He will poo poo just about everything I make, except for pizza and cookies. This was so yummy. If you can, never make pizza unless you use fresh mozzarella. It makes such a difference!
Okay, now back to school work.


Taylors said...

mmmm, that pizza looks delicious!

Tawnya said...

Good job using your phone to take random pictures of ridiculous-looking people. Get more.

MediocreMama said...

I always hear that about mozzarella but does that just mean get a block of it at Costco and grate it yourself? I do that but always wonder if that's the fresh mozz everyone talks about...please fill me in.

And about the lady with execetera...I hate stuff like that. One time I was in a class where a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER came and tried to encourage us (over and over again) to be "more better" than we are now. I almost walked out.