Monday, February 21, 2011


The retro run. I let myself down with my efforts to put together an 80's outfit. I meant to hit up the thrift stores Friday night, but I got to watch cute little Mason, and I'm no longer brave enough to go shopping with a newborn.
It wasn't my best 5k, but luckily it wasn't other females 20-29 either, so I ended up with second place. Ryan did well, and blew my time away. Unfortunately for him, the male folk 30-39 ran like the wind, so he didn't podium, but he did place 4th in his age group! Good job Ryan.

Also this weekend, my sister in law Molly, had baby number 5! Lewis Michael Jorgensen. He was 8 pounds 10 ounces, that was Drake's weight at birth. Also, my sister in law, Emily, found out she's having a boy! This is particularily exciting since they have three girls and Gavin's out numbered. All this has had me thinking how much I love having a little boy.
Here's my little monkey man, just a couple days old. He's such a little snuggler. And I figured out the difference between a son and a daughter, Gwen loves me, but Drake's IN LOVE with me. Aww, I love my babies.


-Me&Bri- said...

Aww, this post really makes me wonder if I will EVER have a boy. Love my girls, but having a little boy still holds a special place in my heart. xoxo

Emily said...

Congrats on your second place finish! Drake is SO cute!!

Jasmyn said...

I love his little furry back! You crack me up about going out with a newborn....You used to take 3 kids under the age of 3 to the mall when you watched Kaden for me waaaay back in your old house!

discombobulated said...

Your kids are so cute!

~Madame Riding

(I managed to get here blogsurfing.... link to link to link and bam, there you guys were.)