Monday, March 07, 2011


is flying by!!
Last weekend Ryan and I and five other couple got together to do Ragnar. It's a 200 mile relay made up of 36 different legs, so each runner runs three legs. Since we were all (with the exception on one couple ;) ) married, we were The Honeymooners.
Our tag line was "You've been Honeymooned!" and there might have been some mooning involved.
Kaylani, Jasmyn and I. We took our flagging job seriously. (you needed a flag while crossing the road - new safety regulations)
We had friends nice enough to let us use their huge Excursion, and we still managed to fill it to the brim.
Dunzo!!! It took us 32 hours. We might not have been the fastest team, but we sure had fun!
This picture cracks me up, not only because of what the boys are wearing, but because Ryan's furthest from the camera and looks tiny. Plus Joel just throws the scale off. hehehehe
When I picked Drake up from school Friday, he was still napping. I love it when I get to go in and wake him up, and he's all sweaty and tired. But I had to get a picture of him in all of his dirty boy glory. The back of his shirt was way worse. It had mud and dirt all down him.
Then Friday night we took the kids to the drive ins to see Rango. It was pretty cute, and we figured it was a good idea to see it at the drive ins because it's so dang cheap! (kids under 5 are free (Drake) and 5-12 are $1 (Gwen)) then Ryan and I had two re-admit passes, so we were free. So if Range stunk (which it didn't, it was okay) then we weren't out much. After Rango, Ry and I decided to let the kids sleep in their car seats while we stayed around for the free double feature. We saw Unknown. It was soo good! Then we were on a movie high, and SHOCKED that i was still awake, so we decided to push our luck and stay around for The Adjustment Bureau. Another good one, but Unknown was better. So we didn't get home til 2:15 am!!! We're party animals.

But we were feeling it Saturday morning when we had to wake up early to get the kids to their soccer games. It was Gwenny's first soccer game.
She's #24, and she did AWESOME!!

My cute little soccer babies.
After soccer we went to the Collards to party with Kit for his third birthday.

Then in the evening we took the kids miniature golfing at Golfland.

They were so cute and actually did pretty good.
You can't tell much in this picture, but Drake's trying to squint one of his eyes. Here's the story. About six months before Ryan and I met, he got Bell's palsy, which basically was damage to a nerve in his face which has affected the the left side of his face. The lasting effect shows when he smiles, his left eye squints. Well Drake has been trying to be like his daddy, and that means he's been trying to squint an eye when he smiles for pictures. Cute boy!


Tawnya said...

I didn't realize he got Bell's so close to when you met. The kids look super grown-up in their soccer uniforms.

Emily said...

You and mooning ha ha. You guys are so busy but it sounds like fun busy. Thanks for the tip about the movies. Your kids are getting so big.

Taylors said...

GREAT post. There are a lot of awesome pics.
1. Ryan is pasty in that first pic!! (not judging, Andrew would be glowing :) Just next to you it really shows
2.You hooker, how do you look that good after running so much
3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Ryan does look small in that pic of all the guys, you let him leave the house like that? ha ha ha
5.Gwen looks so friggin old in that soccer pic
6.Thats awesome that Drake noticed Ryans squinting eye, and so sweet that he wants to be just like him :)