Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I had to make a grocery store run.  And between getting the groceries and two sleeping kids into the car, I was a little scattered brained.  No big deal right?  Until this morning when I realized that my wallet was not in my purse!  I was so scared, I just got a new wallet, and transfered EVERYTHING into it!  Credit cards, social security card, cash, etc.  And luckily some amazing, wonderful, honest person found it in the grocery cart out in Fry's parking lot, and turned it in with everything in it!  Thank you a million times over.  You saved this stressed mom from having a Britney break down.

And HUGE news,  Drake has started taking steps a couple weeks ago, and in the last week has converted to a WALKER!!!  Just a couple days shy of 18 months
Yes, I let my son who is just learning how to walk walk with a sucker in his mouth.
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it...

So I have some of the sweetest news ever!  One of my most best friends ever, Jasmyn, well her husband just got back from filming the upcoming season of SURVIVOR!  He's the "big tatted" guy.  He's a firefighter on the Phoenix force, and is such a good/sweet/funny/loud/religious guy.  He's awesome!  Just read what Entertainment Weekly had to say:  “Joel is the one guy who might be able to give James [Clement, the returning Favorite from Survivor: China] a run for his money, because he is every bit as big as James. He’s a fireman, he’s a father and a husband, and when I met with him the thing that really struck me is how he does everything for his wife and his family. And I like that about him. He’s a big, big guy, and these challenges start off physical right from the get-go. Sometimes being a physical threat works against you early; I think in Joel’s case it’s going to be advantageous.”  

Joel is sworn to secrecy, so not even Jasmyn knows who won.  I hope it was him.  But we'll find out in the upcoming season.  It premiers February 7 on CBS.
In other news, I started my job this week!  Crazy huh?  I love it, even though I'm just in training right now and will be for the next THREE months!  I will be a claims adjuster for Progressive.  So now that makes sense right?  I've got to learn about cars.  Hopefully I can do that in only three months.  :)  So for part of my training, I get to go to Florida for two weeks, of course that's in the beginning of February, so I'll be missing the Super Bowl (at least the party's going on here), Tara's birthday, and Valentine's day.  Bummer.  But even though I'm enjoying being out there working again, I'll admit the last two days I've cried a little when I've dropped my kids off and had to leave them crying for me.