Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I had to make a grocery store run.  And between getting the groceries and two sleeping kids into the car, I was a little scattered brained.  No big deal right?  Until this morning when I realized that my wallet was not in my purse!  I was so scared, I just got a new wallet, and transfered EVERYTHING into it!  Credit cards, social security card, cash, etc.  And luckily some amazing, wonderful, honest person found it in the grocery cart out in Fry's parking lot, and turned it in with everything in it!  Thank you a million times over.  You saved this stressed mom from having a Britney break down.

And HUGE news,  Drake has started taking steps a couple weeks ago, and in the last week has converted to a WALKER!!!  Just a couple days shy of 18 months
Yes, I let my son who is just learning how to walk walk with a sucker in his mouth.
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Tawnya said...

cute video!!!

Summer Adams said...

*YAY* for Drake! I was wondering if he'd started walking. He's too cute. And *yay* for honest people and getting your wallet back (it's very cute, btw :)

And love your dark hair...smashing dahling :)

Bowman Family said...

Hooray for Drakers! And Hooray for honest people!!! I am glad you didn't have a "Britney" moment! You are so funny. Love ya! :-)

Bowman Family said...

Oh yeah, about the sucker... like mother like son, right? hahaha

How was Drake's appointment with the Neurologist?