Monday, August 18, 2008

for you missing us so much..

Mom, and Ryan, and anyone else dying because you haven't seen my sweet babies lately. These are cell phone pictures, that's why the quality is pretty low.

Gwen has a fantastic bump/scratch on her forhead from the pool steps. She and her cousin Claire are such dare devils and like to flip into the pool.
And I have so much to post that I can hold off on until I get my camera/computer situation back up and running. That'll still be in a few weeks.
But in other news, I'm sad that I don't get to be home in AZ today since Ryan's off to his first day of school. It's actually just orientation today, but I still wanted to get a picture of him in front of the house with his new clothes and backpack on like a little school boy on the first day of school. I'll get it later and just pretend it was today. ;) Good luck Ryan, love you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Seriously, one day after Ryan called ASU and told them he was going to be going there, he had the moving truck and was packing up! So Friday I put in my two weeks (and yes I felt like a total moron since I've only been working here for two weeks!). Then Saturday Ryan packed up the moving truck, and it was really scary that there was more room in the truck this time than when we packed it up to come here-we got the same size truck! Then we had a nice break Saturday night when Des and Josiah had us over to watch the UFC fights and have a BBQ. And since Ryan's birthday is Saturday, and I won't be there with him to celebrate, we made it a bday party for him too, Boston Cream Pie and all!
So I'm finishing up here, then will take my time heading home since I have no job to get home to. Ryan starts school Monday. Oh, and since everyone's been asking, we are renting a house in Gilbert, so we won't be in our old ward. :(
And in my preparations to be back in AZ, I'm looking for a preschool for Gwen. Last year she did Carol Billings preschool, and had a fantastic time. So good in fact that she is so excited to go to school again and everyday is asking me if I've found a preschool for her yet. Does anyone know of a preschool with openings still either in the east Mesa area, or our old 'hood?

Friday, August 08, 2008



And I have to admit that I feel bad that I'm still not being the sweetest wife to my husband right now because of the last post. He's decided. We're going back to AZ. So he's packing up the truck and moving our stuff back this weekend. Don't get me wrong...I'm so happy to be back in Ariarizona, but the stress of it all may be more than I can handle right now. So until I can get my computer unpacked and can put together some pictures to walk you through the last five years and tell you how wonderful Ryan is, just enjoy this picture of us old timers.

Oh, and thank you Ryan for this, I heart it and am way impressed with your listening skillz!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

kiss him or kill him?

I'm leaning towards the latter.
So as you all know, we just moved to Sacramento. Not a cheap move. To rent a truck and pay for gas, not to mention all the furniture and stuff we gave away, or practically gave away. I quit my job that I liked... alot, and got a new job here.
Now as the school year is approaching, Ryan's questioning his decision to live in Cali and go to school here.
We may be turning around and moving back to good ol' AZ.