Wednesday, August 06, 2008

kiss him or kill him?

I'm leaning towards the latter.
So as you all know, we just moved to Sacramento. Not a cheap move. To rent a truck and pay for gas, not to mention all the furniture and stuff we gave away, or practically gave away. I quit my job that I liked... alot, and got a new job here.
Now as the school year is approaching, Ryan's questioning his decision to live in Cali and go to school here.
We may be turning around and moving back to good ol' AZ.



Desi said...

You know my vote! I'll miss you!!!!!!!!!

Rushele said...

I'd say kiss him, then kill him!!!
That's insane to turn around and move right back, but, it would be nice for you to be close to your families (minus Tara) and your friends. Tara would be super sad if you came back.
And thanks for all the comments on my kids being so cute!!! I have to agree, but then you know how it is to be bias of your own.
Your kids are super adorable too!! That little Gwen is a mini-Kristin if I've ever seen one!!

Jenny & Wyatt Dannels said...

That sounds like something my husband would do...glad to know we're not the only ones like that! We would love you guys to come back to AZ...we need to all get together!! We love your fam. Good luck with everything!

Kaylani and Jake said...

wow kristin...i'd slay make it slow and painful if you choose the latter. but if you choose the former, don't make it anything worth remembering ;) i ran into tawnya and jasmine in target the other day and they were mentioning something like you possibly being back soon. good luck with whatever happens!

Chelsea said...


Blake & Alli said...

i think i'd already be getting ready for a that too harsh? whatever is best for your family in the long run!