Monday, August 18, 2008

for you missing us so much..

Mom, and Ryan, and anyone else dying because you haven't seen my sweet babies lately. These are cell phone pictures, that's why the quality is pretty low.

Gwen has a fantastic bump/scratch on her forhead from the pool steps. She and her cousin Claire are such dare devils and like to flip into the pool.
And I have so much to post that I can hold off on until I get my camera/computer situation back up and running. That'll still be in a few weeks.
But in other news, I'm sad that I don't get to be home in AZ today since Ryan's off to his first day of school. It's actually just orientation today, but I still wanted to get a picture of him in front of the house with his new clothes and backpack on like a little school boy on the first day of school. I'll get it later and just pretend it was today. ;) Good luck Ryan, love you!


Ryan said...

Oh, sweetie! Thank you so much for the pics of the babies. I miss you guys like crazy! Hurry up and get here!

Jeppesen Family said...

That's awesome that he's finally started school! I have a picture of Nathan like that, with his back pack on in front of the front door off to his first day of Med school. And to think now he graduates in 7 months! It'll go by so fast for you guys! So exciting!

Jeppesen Family said...

Ok, so I read amd commented this post brfore reading your older ones. Holy Cow! I had no idea you guys turned around and came back to AZ! That's crazy! I would kill Nathan! But I guess we have to be there to support what our hubbies think is right. But since you're renting in Gilbert, you should give Julia and I a call. We are close by in Chandler :)

DARA said...


I am glad you are coming back to AZ. your babies are adorable!


Rushele said...

I still can't get over how much Gwen looks like you! Such a cute little girl! Well, both of them are just adorable!!!!!!

Summer Adams said...

Hey Kristin!

OMG, just catching up on you guys and much to catch up on. I can't believe y'all are back in AZ. Congrats on that! It will all work out. So proud of your attitude. Looove your family pics. You look fabulous!