Saturday, August 30, 2008

in AZ

We're here!  And Ryan had been working so hard to get the house all set up for us, and now it's my turn to get to work on the house.  I'm going to paint it...the whole thing!  Luckily Tara is here to help me.  ;)  Since Tara and her kids are in town for a month, Jack and Drake have been inseparable!  It's sooo cute to watch them play.  And it feels so good to be back enjoying the monsoons and loving Arizona!  Ryan is so excited to be a school boy again!  He's got ASU pride now (even though BYU will always be #1) and loves learning about the law.  
But even with all these exciting times we've been having, we miss our family and friends in Sacramento.   Some of the good times....

Laurel's birthday
Grammy's birthday
Candice and Gwen in Lake Tahoe
Des and Zeke
Candice and Buddy
this was after Drake went in Lake Tahoe with out a little swimmie diaper. 
 check out how much water that thing is holding!

Ryan's birthday with cards that Gwen made
Buster trying on Ryan's new shoes (yes, I have good taste! ;)
Laurel, Claire and Gwen decorating cookies


Desi said...

Yeah baby! I miss you already! Well, I'm in Oregon right now, so I'm not missing you right this second, but I will the second I get back to cali! Thanks for all the shout outs and the pics!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

carie said...

was that Candice from China? How is she doing?

Bowman Family said...

You guys amaze me. Glad to have you back!

Kristin said...

Yes, that's China Candice!! She's great :)

Rushele said...

Glad Ryan is enjoying ASU! And glad to have you back in AZ!
Too bad your CA stint was so short, but I guess it was meant to be!!!!!!
Hope you're all having fun with Tara being here, and you being back!