Monday, September 01, 2008

soap box

In the short time that we lived in California, we heard a lot about Proposition 8.  It is an important issue because it will affect the rest of the country.  This is because any couple can go to California and get married then go back to they're home state that will then have to recognize the marriage.  The basis of society is the family, and it is being attacked!  
And this has even been taken a step further:

California Supreme Court’s have ruled that California doctors who have religious objections to artificially inseminating same-sex couples can no longer refuse to treat them.  The Court’s decision overturns a previous state Appeals Court decision which ruled in favor of the doctors in 2005. 

“This latest ruling proves that advocates of same-sex marriage are not simply seeking tolerance, but rather are pushing for compliance in every corner of California society,” said Ron Prentice, proponent of Proposition 8.  “They will stop at nothing to chip away at the free speech rights and the rights of conscience of Californians everywhere, forcing individuals to accept their lifestyle even against a person’s personal or religious beliefs. It is a slippery slope against the individual rights of Californians.” 

Here's the just of Prop 8-
*  Eight years ago, California voters decided to keep marriage between a man and woman               (propostion 22).
*  Recently four judges in California's supreme court overturned proposition 22 to legalize             same sex marriages.
*  A "yes" vote on Proposition 8 will overturn the Supreme Court's ruling and restore the               definition of marriage to what was approved of by over 61% of voters.

If you don't live in California, you can't vote, but ANYONE can donate!  Even if it's only $5.  

Please click here to learn more about this important issue!


Rushele said...

Our combined RS/preisthood lesson was actually about this very issue this past Sunday!
I guess the member of the 70 that is over our area felt pretty strongly that it needed to be discussed in our stake and that we all need to educate ourselves and vote to make sure that the "definition of marriage" will be appropriately intact!!

Tawnya said...

It's ridiculous that judges can overturn something that the public has voted on.

Maren and Sam said...

Hey I am doing great. Yeah I am due this Saturday the 6th and I am looking forward to staying at home to have the baby. We will see how the water birth goes. I am excited to my baby.
Were you high risk at all with Drake? That is awesome that you were able to have him naturally. What makes you not a good candidate for home birth I wonder?
Oh and welcome back to AZ! You have had a crazy life lately. Hope you and your family are doing great.

Andrew & Tara said...

I'm stealing your post and putting it on mine too.