Thursday, September 04, 2008

Plaid people

I hope ten years from now it's still cool to wear matching homemade clothes!
But they love it now!

(yes we still haven't put our bed together, and are still needing nightstands)
A story about Gwen:  The other day I was at my parents where they always have pop.  We drink it and keep it hidden from the kids so they won't be drinking it too.  Well, I was going inside to grab my cold can of DDP(diet Dr. Pepper), and just to be funny I said to my sister, "I'm gonna go get my beer".  Well of course Gwen heard me and she's so smart, she put it together with me going to get my hidden pop, so later when she saw my DDP, she asked "mom, can I have some of your beer?"  Uh oh!!!!!  I quickly explained that that was not beer, we don't drink beer, etc.  What was I thinking?  She's a sponge!!
A story about Drake:  With our new bathroom/bedroom set up, I've found it's easier to keep all of my makeup in a makeup case and I sit in front of our big full length mirror to put it on.  Drake likes to watch and points to his eye and says "eye" while I put on my mascara.  So last night as I went into my room to get ready for bed I saw Drake had got into my makeup and there were three tubes of mascara open, and black steaks all across the carpets we just had shampooed, and the mirror!  I got Drake out of bed brought him in and explained that that was naughty, etc.  So today I was visiting with the RS presidency who came to meet me when Drake came down the stairs and said hi, and all over his face and shirt were big black streaks of mascara!!!  I explained again and I hope he learns.


carie said...

Those old man Biff pants rule! Do you have a pattern you can share with me?

Stanford Family said...

I love their homemade clothes. I'm jealous, I wish I could sew. I can't believe how big Drake is getting. You have adorable kids!

Andrew & Tara said...

yes! cant wait to finish Jacks pants tomorrow and Aubrey's dress. Gwen's tattoo also just makes the dress prettier.

Blake and Allison said...

question-you call it pop? i thought us folks form az called it sounds so cute while reading it from you.

i love the plaid outfits. did you make them?

Kristin said...

Carie- No, sorry I didn't use a pattern, just another pair of his pants as a guide.

Alli- Yah, my family is a pop family. Ryan used to make fun of me for it, but every now and then I hear him slip and say it too.

Tawnya said...

Drake looks awesome with his little butt sticking out.

Rushele said...

Drake is just preparing himself now for a future in the music business!!
I love the matchy plaid outfits! You made them? Her dress is adorable!
You're so talented.
Your beer story is funny too!! It is so amazing how much these little ones pick up on, and understand that we don't bother to realize that they understand!

Karyn Olson said...

What is it with little boys and mascara???!! My 2yr old Eldon is a mascara fiend!

And I agree... it is pop. Although most call it soda. But they are wierd.