Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drake's big day

Tuesday Drake's day started out on the wrong foot. I put him in time out and he accidently locked himself in the bathroom. So I looked over the door frame only to find no key to get him out. I checked over all the doors in the house and there wasn't a single key! I didn't know what to do. I was watching my friend's two little boys, so I couldn't just grab Gwen and go search out a neighbor home to borrow their key. And in the mean time, Drake's cute little hand was sticking out from under the door and he was saying "mommy, want you". So the poor boy was locked in the bathroom for an hour and a half before I finally found a little screw driver to unlock the bathroom door!
Then he got into mom's make up-AGAIN!! Time out again.
Later my sisters and sister in law came over to take the kids to the pool, I had to stay inside with two sleeping little boys, but shortly after they left, Tara brought Drake back to me and told me he fell and hit his head on the side walk. 
And look at the bump he had on his noggen!
But despite this huge goose egg, he seemed to be fine.
We just sat on the couch with ice on his head and watched "dinosaurs".
(The Land Before Time)

He took a short nap, and played with Jack, then started getting cranky and lethargic.  He didn't eat his dinner, even though it was pizza.  He then fell asleep, slept all the way home from my mom's, and was still sleeping when I took him out of the car.  I put him on the couch where he woke up.  Not too long after that, he got up and started towards me saying, "owie".  I asked him where when he just started puking!  I picked him up, was in a little bit of shock, didn't know what to do and then thought I should at least get him off the carpet.  He puked a couple more times before I thought it'd be best to get him over the toilet.  (I don't know why it took me so long-all I could think about is that this is a big problem and I don't know where my cell phone is!)  Luckily right after I got Drake in the tub and washed him off I heard Ryan get home.  
So we dropped Gwen off at Gigi's for an overnight and rushed Drake off to hospital.

He was admitted immediately where they put an IV in his cute little hand.  He was mad, but was exhausted.  So quickly fell back to sleep.  And he slept in between bouts of puking.
The doctor advised that he would need a CAT scan and because he probably wouldn't hold still for it he would need to be sedated, so a children's hospital would be better.

So Drake got his first (and hopefully only) ambulance ride.
We waited and Drake slept, until it was time for the CAT.  Then he was very upset.  They hoped they wouldn't need to sedate him, so instead they just drugged him.  It was AWESOME!!  I want some of what ever they gave him for tantrums.  ;)  Almost immediately he calmed and started singing with me.  But when they got him strapped into the bed thingy, he started to panic again.  They gave him another dose, and immediately he just started giggling.  

See, look at him laughing as he goes in.  

So we had a very long night, Drake has a mild concussion, but he was discharged early Wednesday morning, and just has to take it easy for six weeks.  How am I supposed to make sure a two year old takes it easy?  He also has an ear infection.  :(  


Desi said...

That never would have happened if you still lived in Sacramento!!! Just kidding, I just miss you terribly. Robert's daughter, my pseudoneice has seizures and they had to sedate her for her catscan too. You're such a brave mommy! I feel bad for letting my baby cry himself to sleep. I'm going to be a nutcase when he comes home with a bump like that. Notice I said when, not if. I know it's gonna happen eventually!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that is the worst story ever. I am so sorry! I hope that is the end of it and it doesn't have anymore side effects. We should get together soon! Are you working or planning on working or a stay at home mommy again?

whitney said...

wow. poor, sad, sweet kid. that's hilarious that he's laughing while going in to the CAT scan! good luck keeping him calm for six weeks. :)

Andrew & Tara said...

Oh, poor Drakey. Glad he is doing better.

Chelsea said...

i'm laughing over the locked-in-the-bathroom incident, but wow that is a LOT of stuff for one kiddo to go through in just one day and a serious bump on the head. hellO. were you traumatized by all the medical intervention he needed? i would have been a bit nervous seeing my baby go through that. i hope he feels better fast!

Rushele said...

Holy Cow!!! That poor boy!
And poor mommy, how'd you handle all that? I think I'd be freaking out. Especially with that large mountain of a "bump" on his head.
I hope he's doing better. And good luck having him take it easy for 6 whole weeks!!!! That's insanity!
I do love his makeup at the beginning of the day though, very nice!

DARA said...

Holy cow! that is so sad. Poor little cutie pie! i am so sorry . I am glad he is ok.

Jenny and Wyatt Dannels said...

oh I am so sad for poor little Drake. Going to the hospital is no fun. I am glad to hear he is is it being back in AZ? You guys are right by us. We are on Recker and Warner. Lets all get together sometime soon.

Photography By Jo said...

oh wow, I'm glad that it wasn't too serious.

Stanford Family said...

Wow, that's so sad. Head injuries are so scary, glad that he is doing okay. Hope all is well.

Jill said...

Hey Kristin... been a long time, I'm Sam's big sister. I found your blog from Sam & Maren's. Your kids are adorable! Even with a mountain-sized lump on his forehead. And your daughter looks just like you, it's so cute!

Jennifer said...

That is a sad, sad day. Poor Drake. That bump is huge! And he looks so tiny going in for the cat scan. Cute little smiling face though. :)

Jennifer said...

Wait, I don't have your email address to add you. Will you email me with it? jenniferbadgettAThotmailDOTcom

Jennifer said...

Never mind, just found it. The adding is complete. :)

Bingham family said...

I am so sorry. What an aweful time for you. That medicine looks like it is awesome though. At least he wasn't screaming. Poor little guy. Good luck with keeping him rested!

Bowman Family said...

Holy Crap Kristin! (sorry about the language!) Jayne fell off the top bunk last year and we went to the hospital. We were only there for a few hours. I feel so lucky now. I can't believe he already rode in an abulance and had a CT. Wow. I hope you are holding up ok. Good luck!

By the way, the house looks fantastic. Oh, and my haircut rocks! thanks!!!
Love ya!
Meg :-)

P.S. When are we heading to Vegas to visit Beth?