Sunday, September 07, 2008

kids are awesome

Jack and Drake doing their new favorite moves-swinging arms at each other.
This is why I had to go sit with Drake in nursery today, he was hitting other kids!!
Our kid is so sexy!  Boots and a diaper?  Come on!
Gwen: Mom, do you still have milk in your boobies?
Me (surprised!): What?!
Gwen: Do you still have milk in these? (patting her own little boobies)
Me: No.
Gwen: Oh, it's cause me and Drake drank it all, huh?
Me (trying not to laugh): Ya.


Andrew & Tara said...

Oh, I love that the kids can play together. The boys rock!

Blake and Allison said...

okay, so both kids are super adorable, but gwen just made me crack up! where in the world do those type of questions come are AWESOME!

Desi said...

i thought i may have sparked the boobie comment, but I forgot Tara is there nursing too, so it's her fault. Ha ha. I MISS YOU ALREADY SO BAD!!!

Chelsea said...

LOL that's really funny. i was nursing jack in front of my friend's little girl and she said, "why is he sucking on your boob?"

Rushele said...

Gwen's commentary about boobies is hilarious!!
Raegan has had her own fascination with mommy feeding the baby with her chestes. It's funny, she even tried to nurse her baby doll a couple of times.

Cole said...

that is hilarious!! from the mouth of babes!! they truely are precious :)