Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drake's bringing sexy back!

Gotta love a cowboy huh?

Drake and Jack think they're so sneaky!  For fifteen minutes last night Tara and I worked with the boys to eat their veggies.  All they had to do was eat two green beans and they would get their after dinner treats.  The boys cried, kicked and screamed no.  So when they both finally gave in and ate them, we cheered and got up and got their mini bags of skittles and opened them for the boys as they chewed.  But they kept the green beans in their mouths and spit them out as soon as the treat was handed over!
Tonight was "Show your work night" at Gwen's school.  She loved showing us around.  Here she is in the "library" reading a book to us.

The kids can come out here to the porch and paint, and water the plants.

Here are the birds that Gwen gets to feed.  They're sisters in case you were wondering.
And the "birds eat seeds, that's silly huh?"

Gwen also gets to feed these fish.  "And at night the black one comes out to eat! That's kinda wacky huh?"
Gwen is showing us the crumb picker upper that she likes to use.
And this is where Gwen LOVES to hang out.  In front of the painting easel where she creates her masterpieces such as shooting stars, rainbows, and princes holding dead princesses!  I'm not too sure about how she came up with that last one.  
Daddy and his little smarty pants.
I came in Gwen's room this morning to find Gwen changing her clothes:
me: good morning Gwen, did you keep your bed dry last night?
Gwen: well the boys (Jack spent the night last night) climbed up onto my bed last night and they peed all over it.
me: huh? really? are those your wet panties on the floor?
Gwen: well after the boys peed on my bed, they peed on my panties too.


Chelsea said...

gwen cracks me up. i also love how she's always looking somewhere else instead of at the camera. life is just too interesting for her to pause for too long, even for her fans.

carie said...

I wish your blog background was hanging on my bedroom wall. It would make the cutest wallpaper. I just wanted to say that Gwen has the same expensive, designer shoes as Isobel.

Desi said...

I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO BAD!!! Your kids are so dang cute. Gwen seriously looks like 12 in that pic with ryan. So sassy in her heels!

Rushele said...

Gwen is hilarious!!!
I love that Jack and Drake mysteriously climbed up in her bed and peed on everthing, including her panties, and then ran off....dry!!!
Kids are so funny.
And I do love the cowboy picture! Those are usually best with little to no clothes accompanying them!!!

Jasmyn said...

The boots are my favorite. But that kid can look cute wearing ANYTHING! Gee, kind of like you :)

Mary Crawford said...

Isn't it scary how fast these crazy kids come up with elborate stories to cover their tracks... tricky little ones. =)