Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm in love...

With my new table cloth!!

But in more exciting news, I also found a new place to put the kids in time out!
Tara and I took the kids to the Mesa Southwest Museum where the kids were in awe of the jail cells.  But imagine the luxury of just having to roll out of bed and having your bathroom right there!  ;)
We panned for gold, and Tara and I are hard core gold panners!  We are so circa 1800.
We went because the kids are really into dinosaurs right now, and uh oh... is that a stegasaurus just on the other side of that red fence from Gwen?
The kiddies had so much fun playing with these little dinosaurs, 
and Gwen is mid pee pee dance.


Jennifer said...

We love that place!! The boys have to go there every single time we are in AZ, or I hear about it for months afterwards.

And that is one cute tablecloth!

Blake and Allison said...

man, i remember going to that place when i was a little girl and being freaked by the dinos!

btw, love the table cloth! where did you find it? i have recently purchased to that i did not like when i got home and ended up returning them.

sochie said...

Dinosaurs huh? you guys have fun places to take the kids. by the way, i love your kitchen, I love all the colors. let me know when you are available to come out and do our kitchen :). Yes kenny is a runner, he trains year round and does a race every couple months.

Rushele said...

How fun!!
I need to take Raegan down there.
She's been talking about Dinosaurs a lot lately, and I know nothing about them.
She'd probably love to go there and learn more and see them.

Bingham family said...

What, where are the dinosaurs they can play with? We were just there a couple of weeks ago and I didn't see that "hands on" part anywhere. Looks like fun. Love the gwen stories and the tablecloth.

Photography By Jo said...

That brings back so many memories of when I was little! I remember panning for gold. I would get mad because I would never get any.