Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grammy's been in town lately! She loved getting in her snuggly time with Drake, even though he's a slobbery little guy. :) This is them at the Phoenix Zoo for Cloe's third birthday.
Ryan and Gwenny in monkey village at the zoo. The monkeys were unbelievably close, just inches away, running along the path and jumping on the benches that people were sitting on. Gwen loved it!
Gwen LOVES playing tea party. Today when our home teachers were over, she just kept serving us tea, making us drink it, then she would gather up our cups, pour more, and make us drink again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

When we were walking into Disneyland on the first day, Gavin and Emily were approached and asked if they wanted to be the grand marshalls at the parade that night? Duh, of course! Luckily we got to ride along with them. It was so funny, we rode in this cute little fire engine and waved at all the people waiting for the parade to begin and the whol time this guy was saying of the speaker system, "And the grand marshalls this evening is the McPhie family from Chandler, Arizona"! And then all the people that were from Arizona would yell at us where they were from and cheer really loud! It was awesome, then we got to sit in resereved seating at the front of the entrance for the rest of the parade. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!

Why do these pictures never come up in the order I want them to? Anyways, I tried publishing these pictures back when I put up the other Disneyland stuff, and for some reason, the website didn't want to put these pictures up. So I tried again and it worked!!! Gwen was so excited to get to meet Ariel, (I think she's her new favorite) and Ariel even kissed her on the cheek!

Here we are in front of It's a Small World. Gwen was just in awe of all the little dolls in there.

And this is the whole group after our ride in the fire truck, this is where we got to sit during the rest of the parade. It was a sectioned off area up above everyone else. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


For Halloween, Gwen was Cinderella and Drake was the cuddliest caterpillar ever! Gwen LOVED trick or treating! She learned early in the day when we (Gwen, Drake and Jack who was the sexiest gold fish ever) went to Gigi's work and then aunt Tawnya's work to show everybody in the office how cute the kids were, and Gwen raked it in big time. Then we went to our ward's Chili Cookoff and then more trick or treating. Gwen would knock or ring the door bell, and then whisper so quietly, "trick or treat" with her little hand stretched out, open, waiting for candy. Then she would quietly whisper "thank you". It was so cute! And now all she wants to wear is the Cinderella dress. Too bad everyday's not Halloween.