Thursday, November 02, 2006


For Halloween, Gwen was Cinderella and Drake was the cuddliest caterpillar ever! Gwen LOVED trick or treating! She learned early in the day when we (Gwen, Drake and Jack who was the sexiest gold fish ever) went to Gigi's work and then aunt Tawnya's work to show everybody in the office how cute the kids were, and Gwen raked it in big time. Then we went to our ward's Chili Cookoff and then more trick or treating. Gwen would knock or ring the door bell, and then whisper so quietly, "trick or treat" with her little hand stretched out, open, waiting for candy. Then she would quietly whisper "thank you". It was so cute! And now all she wants to wear is the Cinderella dress. Too bad everyday's not Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing ever! Where did you find that catepillar costume??? Sooo cute!

Taylor Family said...

Drake could have been the catepillar in Alice in Wonderland. We would have just needed to have gotten him a pipe. he he he

Joe, Tori & Max said...

That costume really is the cutest thing ever! What are they going to be this year?