Thursday, July 31, 2008

rocky start

So here we are in Cali. Ryan left after we got the truck all packed up Friday night and then drove all night so that he could have some help unloading the truck Saturday afternoon. Thanks so much to everyone who helped him!!!! The kids and I left Saturday morning and drove all day. Talk about emotional drive! I heart AZ! Then give me a break, a 12 hour drive-just me and two kids! So that means when I have to stop for a potty break, even if the kids are asleep, I have to get them up and out and take them in with me! It doesn't sound too bad, but Drake doesn't like being in the stalls with his mom and sister and tries to take off, leaving me with my pants down and the bathroom stall open. >:/
So we made it-HORRAY then had a semi-restful Sabbath. It was good to see all the amazing members of the Granite Bay ward.
Then Monday, I started work. First day, everything is still in boxes, and they're not too organized-who knows where everything is. I'm having a hard time finding clothes for work, but finally found a white blouse that's been packed, so it needs to be ironed. I hurridly get out the iron, heat it up and start on the shirt when I see black crap (I'm allowed to use that word right now) transfer from the hot iron onto the front of my WHITE BLOUSE!!!! So I dig in the same box, find a red blouse instead, don't bother to iron it and hurry down to eat breakfast and get on my way.
So I'm enjoying a nice healthy bowl of crunchy Smart Start when something feels different. I chipped my tooth!!!!! Totally broke off a piece of my back molar! Didn't notice it until my mouth was empty, so I swallowed it - wierd. So I got to spend Tuesday morning in the hands of the amazing Dr. Judd.
So now it's Thursday, and with my schedule and commute, it feels like I work all day, so I haven't seen the Taylors or my Desi yet. However, Dez and Josiah are having us over for a BBQ tonight, and I've been looking forward to this since we got here. Yay!!!! six more hours....


Blake & Alli said...

hi kristin!

we are kind of twins...we just drove from phx to sacramento on our way up to portland. i had never been to sacramento before, but it seemed like a pretty cool place with lots of neat shops. i thought the areas by the river were so pretty.

funny enough, on our last night in az blake had a huge piece of a crown on his back molar break off...crappy for the both you :(

i hope your first day of work went better than the morning and that you're enjoying your new place so far.

btw, i also love the pictures you got!

Rushele said...

You are an amazing woman for doing that drive all by yourself!!!! There's no way I'd even consider it.
Glad you all got there safely, and although it may have been a rocky's started. Life in CA is official!
I'm jealous you get such beautiful weather!!

Jeppesen Family said...

You're so brave to do that drive by yourself! I can't belive you didn't recruit anyone to help you out there! Where are you working? Who's watching the kids?
And by the way, there are stretch marks. Luckly the camera doesn't pick those up ;)
We'll be heading out to LA end of Nov/beginning of Dec, depending on how things are going with the new baby. Too bad we'll both be in Cali, but still so far away from each other!
Oh, and your fam pics turned out so cute!

Blake & Alli said...

are you hanging in there? do you have the book yet? i preorder mine so veyr long ago to be sent to the oregon address and it still isn't here. the tracking thing says it is supposed to come tomorrow, but so is our furniture! what will i do? if you have already read it-did you love it?

Underwood Family said...

Kristin! I can't believe you don't live in AZ anymore. I have to drive with brent in the car all alone for about 6-7 hours, I'm kinda nervous, but I know it can be done. Sad we didn't move up there by you guys, but at least now I'm within reasonable driving distance to see my sis in Folsom, and I will be calling you...