Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I know this is news to some of you, and I'm sorry you're hearing about it by reading on our blog...We're moving to Sacramento next weekend!!! If you're shocked, join the club! I've known about this for a while now and I'm still not believing it. So we've started the daunting task of packing. This is taking such a long time because I have to go through everything to see what still fits or is still in style, and it's been adventerous to say the least. The other night I found a bag of winter clothes that I haven't seen since I lived in Utah, and somethings never change. In the pocket of this oh so stylish jean jacket, I found what used to be my favorite candy for a while. Sweetarts little chewy balls. They were so old and discolored that even though just the sight of them made my mouth water, I did not partake.


Chelsea said...

hey if you're looking for someone to give all your castoff clothing to, i'll take them off your hands!

Rushele said...

Why there? Is Tawnya going to be the only sibling left in AZ?
Well, good luck with the move.
Hope you enjoy CA. I know I'd much prefer the weather there to here anyday!!!

Humpherys Family said...

Congrats on the move! What part of Sacramento will you guys be in? We live in Elk Grove...We will be here till Jan 2009..Tara and her family live really close to my in-laws..what a small world...I would love to meet up with you girls or have our families get together...Let me know if you guys are up for that when you settle in..

Bowman Family said...

I expected you to say, "I found a $20 bill in my pocket!" But, no. Not Kristin. Of course it was five year old candy. hahaha I love you Kristin!!!

I will miss you SO much! At least your mom is here so you have to come visit eventually!

Love ya!

P.S. Happy B-day to Drakers!

Janee Graham said...

Are you so excited? I think it would be scary but so exciting at the same time. Good luck to you guys ,enjoy your new adventure in life.

Kristin said...

Rushele, we're doing Saramento because Ryan's going to be going to school out there.
Stephanie, we'll be in Granite Bay, so just about the opposite side of Sac as Elk Grove.
And thanks to everyone for the well wishes...I need them!

Underwood Family said...

I'm so glad you found candy in your pocket. Sometimes candy can be better than finding money...maybe not. I'm glad you have survived your move, I completly, and totally feel your pain.