Monday, February 14, 2011

metal mouths

My friend Alison reminded me I totally forgot to blog about my poor babies dental trip. Last week they went in for a dental exam after Gwen chipped her tooth and we could see she had a huge (pronounced UGE, mind you) cavity. Nice. So they go in for a check up. Gwen has the one big cavity and will need a silver cap, and Drake has SIX freakin' cavities!!! So they scheduled an apt, for an early appointment so we could bring them in with empty tummies ready to be drugged.

Here's my boy, in lala land, watching Sponge Bob in the ceiling, getting ready to be drilled.
So two of Drakes teeth the dentist decided would need silver caps too. So he now has two "Iron Man" teeth. Much to Ryan's dismay. But really, how did it get this bad!?? We make sure they brush!! Although I concede that I should be more on Drake's sneaking food and candy into his room, because naturally if I know he sneaks it in there, he'll eat it at night after his teeth are brushed.
Oh man, was this girl funny! She was falling out of her chair, and talking and singing to herself. She even threw in some "mommmmmmmyyyyyyy, my face feeeeeeeelss funnnnnny!" Just look at her stoned out of her mind!
We had to get some Jamba Juice for these little ones since they weren't allowed to eat real food. After all, with how numb they were, they'd have chewed their cheeks to pieces.
Look at my Gwenny, passed out in front of the heater. These kids were loopy for hours. And the kids now have better brushing habits. (Like Drake brushes his teeth for longer than 5 seconds, and they HAVE to do a fluoride rinse after brushing)


Taylors said...

I just love love love that pic of gwen stoned in the car. WHY did you not take any videos?!?!?!?

btw, we DID send you valentines. I cant believe you havent gotten them yet!!!!!! We sent them out last Wednesday!!

Tawnya said...

I laugh every time I see that pic of Gwen. It's so awesome.

Desi said...

I wish there was a tv in the ceiling when it was time for me to get drilled! HA HA!
Love ya, sexy!

Blake Allen said...

yeah! you posted this!!! thanks!