Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Let me save you $20. Don't go see the new Alice in Wonderland. It stinks. The kids got bored and lost interest, but they were still scared of some really scary/creepy parts. So not a good one for the babes...and the adults. Ryan and I both gave it two thumbs down.


Rushele said...

SAD! We wanted to go see it in 3-D
And Raegan has really wanted to see it, but we told her we'd have to see it first....not too sure why Tim Burton's movies intrigue her so?!!

Kristin said...

Rushele, maybe you guys will like it? Gwen loves the creepy movies too, but this one was boring for the kids. So maybe go see it and see what you think.

Taylors said...

Andrew was not impressed either!! He said it was very much like Narnia, and I hated that movie. So I dont really plan on seeing it.