Friday, July 02, 2010

Gwenny's sixth birthday started with breakfast in bed- pink "6" pancakes!
Oh, just look at my baby girl! How is she so grown up?

Gwen had a Fancy Nancy tea party with her friends. It was darling, they all made hats and got fancy jewelry.
Present time with friends.
Drake's still happy.
Present time with family.
By now Drake's so sad that he hasn't gotten any presents yet.
Poor boy, just wait two more weeks!
She got all six candles out in one breath!
Happy Birthday sweet Gwenny!
I love you to pieces, my big six year old!!


Emily said...

Happy birthday Gwenny! She is so big and pretty!

Tolly+L+L said...

Ummmm I still remember grilling on Memorial Day with you guys in Texas and Gwen was in your BELLY. Wow. That means it's been a LONG TIME since we've seen you guys. Sad.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the big girl!