Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer movies

We've seen a few movies lately.

I'll start with Star Trek:

LOVED it! And guys, I'm no Trekie. My dad would watch it all the time when I was growing up, and as soon as I'd hear "Space the final frontier, these are the voyagers of the star trek enterprise, their mission....yadda yadda yadda" I'd get up and leave the room. But I must have been present for some of it because I was surprised at the characters I knew and familiar lines. Scotty was for sure my favorite, he was so funny. And let's be honest Chris Pine is easy on the eyes. (hey Ryan had eye candy too so I can say that)

Up next, Terminator Salvation:
This one I wanted to see because the preview looked awesome!  But I think the previews might have shown too much.  You know that Marcus isn't human and that would have been an awesome surprise!  But I found myself craving color through out it.  The movie is so dull in colors I guess to show a trashed, warring world.  It was pretty exciting and I  jumped a couple times, but I'd say wait for the dollar theater for this one.  

And finally, Up:
I took the kids to the drive in to see this last night.  Best idea ever!  We filled the car with blankets and pillows, went to QT and got huge slurpees (since it would be like 90º while we were watching it), popped our own low fat popcorn, and brought our own bags of candy.  Super cheap already huh?  Well then admission: $6.25 for adults, and kids 5 and under are FREE!  So we saw it for $6.25.  And you wouldn't have guessed it was 90º out.  We got some good breezes and it was actually pretty enjoyable.  So on to the movie!
It was super cute!  It starts out with the life of the old man, and I gotta be honest, it made me cry!  It just reminded me of my grandpa, and how hard it'd be to lose your spouse.  Don't worry that didn't spoil the movie, the adventure just starts after that.  There were a couple parts when the kids said "mom this is scary!" and cuddled into me, but they were really into it and liked it too.  So for sure this will be a movie we buy when it comes out on DVD.  Good movie, fun night!


Rushele said...

Funny thing about Star Trek is that when I was younger I'd watch it BECAUSE my dad watched it. Now I can't really stand it, so although you gave it a good review, I probably will not be seeing it.
Terminator Salvation I thought at first "oh great, another Terminator movie", but like you said the previews really got me interested, so perhaps.....and as for Up, Raegan has been telling Scott and I that "Disney Pixar's Up is coming out soon" for like 2 weeks now, so that one is inevitable that we'll be seeing it. Drive in is an awesome idea, I wouldn't have thought to do that before, but just may have to.
Thanks for the reviews!!

Taylors said...

We saw UP too!! It was good. And that Fentons Ice Cream place really IS SO GOOD. remind me to take you there when you come out here next.

I have not been to a grown up film in SO long. :(

btw, we are thinking of coming out there so the boys can have a sweet 3rd birthday party!!!