Saturday, May 02, 2009

rad movie rad movie rad movie

I'm not kidding people.
If you didn't see it this weekend, it's worth your $62 to go see this movie.
If you need someone to see it with you, call me up.

Did you know that one year for Halloween Ryan was Wolverine and I was Storm?  It was sooo cool and we won a costume contest including a weekend at some hotel in Salt Lake and a digital camera!  Ryan had to get a Dr's note to grow a beard at BYU!!  I ordered white contacts and had the white wig, we were TL!  (too legit for those of you who forgot about the 80's)  I'll have to look for some pictures to post of that.  But ever since Ryan's been my Wolverine.  ;)


Rushele said...

I called a babysitter for last night specifically so we could see that movie! I'd agree, loved it!!!
Plus Hugh Jackman is quite yummy, so that doesn't hurt either!

Tawnya said...

Oh man, Hugh is outta control in that movie. Loved every second of it!!

Taylors said...

I want to see a movie. ANY movie. I want free babysitters.

Blake and Allison said...

okay, i guess since you say the movie is rad i'll have to go see it...blake has been begging to go since it came out and got super pumped every time a preview would come on.