Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Santa Cruz!

Ryan's family has a tradition of spending Memorial Day weekend camping in Santa Cruz.  That is actually where he proposed to me 6 years ago, and he hasn't been back since!  I went again with Gwen when she was a baby but that was 4 years ago.  And over time we both forgot how cold Santa Cruz is.  (It doesn't help that we were packing for "beach camping" when it was 108 degrees here)  So I packed only one pair of pants/long sleeves for each of the kids and I.  We wore the same thing everyday!  
It was really fun this year because my mother in law picked up Tara and her two kids on the way over, and then Andrew joined us on Friday.  
We got there Wednesday and set up at our spot on top of the cliff overlooking the beach.  The view was gorgeous, but the ocean breeze was brutal!  We froze Wednesday night and when we heard there was an empty lot behind the trees we jumped on it and threw our tents on top of a truck and moved locations.  The new one was soo much warmer.  
So we spent Thursday at Capitola beach and had yummy Pizza My Heart.  It was cloudy and cold, but the sand was nice and warm.  
Friday our beach, cold again, Andrew came!
Saturday packed up, Oniel sidewalk sale, Pizza My Heart again, and then the Santa Cruz boardwalk.  And the sun was finally out!!  It was so nice!


Taylors said...

Andrew and I were laughing out loud at his pictures!! He had asked the other day if anyone had taken a picture of him doing that and I didnt think anyone had. So you could imagine Andrew's excitement when he saw those. That was awesome. That pic of the boys close up at the beach is super cute

Rushele said...

Looks like such a fun family vacation!!
We camped in Carlsbad back in March, and the nights got pretty chilly for us too. So much fun to be at the beach though!
I love that Gwen basically always poses for her pictures. She's such a cutie!!

Jeppesen Family said...

I think I remember you going there when we were in New Jersey, and when you came back you told me that Gwen wanted to eat the sand. I know, weird memory. That's so fun you guys finally made it back!

Heather said...

You are the cutest little family!!

Desi said...

I am seriously crashing next year. And maybe if somebody had told us pizza my heart is the place to go we would have gone!!! I'm not a local you know! I miss you already!