Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buster Brown

Seriously, I need to tell you how rad this kid is!
He loves his BYU shirts and whenever we pull one out to put it on he starts cheering in his deepest voice "B-Y-U!"
He is in LOVE with his papa, and frequently through out the day he will say things such as:
"I wanna go sit in papa's truck"
"I wanna go fishin' with papa"
and his newest one (done in a really whiney 'it's not fair' kinda voice):
"I wanna big nose like papa"
Really?  Could you imagine?
But I just tell him, don't worry, you probably will have one too. ;)
My little boy HATES hair cuts, so we let his hair get puffy.  
I mean come on, he can rock the white-fro!  
Check out his freestyle walking.  
One of my favorite things (besides when he asks me to eat his buns) is dropping him off at the gym.  Because he stands at the gate and gives me a kiss, then watches as I walk to the door, and when I'm at the door he says quickly "kiss mommy, kiss, mwuah mwuah" and makes me turn around and go back to give him more kisses.  
Oh sweet, he loves his mommy.  
Thank goodness!


Taylors said...

that kids seriously does have spunk!! He can truly make me laugh out loud.

Does dad feel good when Drake says he wants his nose?

Rushele said...

What a cutie!!!
Gotta love all the funny things little ones like to say!