Sunday, May 17, 2009


Gwen got her first black eye.  
She actually got it while playing at the splash pad at Tempe Town park during the triathlon last week, and it's still hanging around.  
She calls it her "rainbow eye".  
Then Wednesday while playing at school she was bumped into and fell down. 
 So now she has a red bump/abrasion on her forehead.  
Poor girl.  She looks like she was in a car accident!


Taylors said...

poor little gweny :(

Rushele said...

Poor little girl!!
It seems that Raegan is pretty accident prone, and for a while (about 6mo.+ ago) she constantly had bruises and scrapes and bumps. She's such a clutz! Scott calls her Crash.

Bingham Family said...

poor gwen. Looks painful!

Tawnya said...

She looks just like you in that pic! And those roses are so dang pretty - where in the world did you find such a great bouquet!?? :)